How does driving affect your health?

Today, driving has become part of our economy. Everywhere we go, we are driving. We drive to school, to work, to the hospital, to vacation, to the mall and the list goes on and on. The motorized world has literally taken the best part of our lives. To some of us, driving has become a hobby. We spend so much money and time in this world without realizing how sitting behind the wheel is affecting our life longevity.

One big fact, even it has been proven by researchers is that most drivers tend to ignore some of the signs that warn them that their bodies are deteriorating. This is why I have come up with the list of symptoms of red flags that you, as a driver should look out for to know if your body is starting to sign out. Checkout these Damntools.

Back and joint pains

Back and joint pains take time to manifest because, we humans, we are of different body types. It also depends on the type of vehicles we drive and how long we drive them. For example, a truck driver on a trip across the country, don’t be shocked by this fact but you and the person who just sits all day, have no difference. A driver also gets to experience the vibrations of the vehicle as it moves which also affect the body. Due to the vibrations and sitting all day, you may develop chronic pains of the back and joints. This is a red flag for you to see a doctor.


Drivers who are most likely to be affected by sleep deprivation are truck drivers. As I had mentioned earlier, they drive for long hours. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 5000 drivers die each year and approximately 1400 die because they dozed off while driving. Dozing off is caused by a driver not having enough time to sleep. You also become restless and you will be posing a danger to other road users. If you notice that you don’t sleep well and you have to drive a long distance, that is a red flag, find time to see a doctor.


Being tired is obvious because you have been driving, and its tiring. The only time being tired becomes consistent is when you have inadequate sleep and your heart is not active enough. When this happens, don’t ignore it. It is actually another red flag that your body’s health is beginning to decline.

If you don’t know how to go about this, you may as well consult an expert or create a routine. Every time before you go driving, do some exercise for like 15 minutes or so. This will help you to make the heart busy for a while. You will also lose weight, keep fit and be very active. Such simple routines will increase your lifespan as diseases like heart problems will be kept a bay.


You will always notice a truck driver pulling up at the gas station and heading straight for the store. He will come out of there carrying a lot of junk food and snacks. This is a sign of poor diet plan. You eat like that and don’t work out? That is why most truck drivers, in one way or another, suffer from obesity. If you are used to such a routine and notice that you are becoming overweight, this is a red flag. You need to change your lifestyle. Eat healthy, exercise and seek a doctor’s opinion.


Driving can also be strenuous especially if you drive on busy highways often. You could be caught up in traffic and spend hours without moving. You also begin to worry about other plans of yours getting delayed. Being on the lookout since you have to be careful on the road, you end up being stressed out. Little by little your blood pressure starts to rise. If you notice that you get worked up easily and often, this is another red flag. You need to visit a doctor. You could be developing high blood pressure.


One thing is for sure, if you are a long distance driver, you need to be careful about your well-being. Driving a car under the sun all day should also be a concern because most car covers are made of metal which radiates heat that can cause health issues. So aside from eating well, exercising and having frequent check-ups, the condition of the vehicle you drive should also be on your concern list.

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