How to Cope with Essay-Writing Phobia

Essay writing is a learning activity that aims to discover students writing abilities. With the complex requirements of an essay, writing makes you explore the roots of a topic. By this continuous academic activity of writing, students boost their knowledge but to some, it creates anxiety in the process. As you continue writing essays, you may discover that evaluation of facts, construction, relevant points becomes easy. Students are always anxious about good marks; however, the writing phobia comes in when fear drops in their mind.

Essay-writing Phobia

You may have experience this phobia during a given work. Phobia involves fear and avoidance of writing a given essay or even fear of submission. Due to the penalties of late submission, you may find yourself rushing with ideas during writing and finally, you produce a low-quality work. This phobia gets worse when your mind adopts it and become part of you.

A good friend of mine called John produced essays that were very poor and not relevant. The last time he almost scored 0 because of the kind of irrelevant content that was in the essay. I decided to engage talks with him and see what could be the problem. John told me that he submits his work one week late after the due date; he was unable to construct relevant facts in the content. In this case, we can see a kind of essay-writing phobia.

Causes of Essay-writing Phobia

Factors that contribute to essay-writing phobia are a biological predisposition to feel anxious, genetic, and also setting unrealistic goals for the essay. Low self-esteem for writing specific essays and low self-control gives a chance for phobia to generate. Another cause can be avoidance of submitting work on time.

However, you can be able to deal with this phobia if you follow some strategies; but first, there are fears that need to be detected.

Fear of Lacking Bright Ideas

Many students find writing an essay as a dreadful and complex work because they fear that they may not produce bright thoughts and ideas. This fear is brought in by not frequently reading and unwillingness to do much research. Bright ideas come with full research and continuous learning of which some students do not practice. You must know this kind of fear in order to deal with the phobia.

Fear of Incapability to Select a Suitable Topic

This fear comes in when you are unable to produce a relevant topic that will give you good marks. The inability to produce a good topic weakens the value of the content and essay in general. When you have this fear, you can easily come up with a vague topic that will hinder your ability to think. This fear can be battled through by deep research on various themes.

Fear of Inability to Collect Relevant Points

Collecting relevant points as a proof in an essay determines how weak or strong the points are when supporting your argument. This kind of fear is as a result of an inability to discover the right source of information. You must be exposed to relevant research and information.

Fear of Inability to Formulate a Correct Thesis

The basic factor of a good essay is derived by the ability to direct the reader with facts and what the essay tries to attain. A custom college essay requires a thesis statement that gives an overview of the whole essay. The fear of inability to produce a good thesis comes when you do not take time and research about the topic.

Fear of Inability to Write in an Organized Manner

This fear comes out clearly when you fail to give organized thoughts. When you fail to have a plan, you will produce a poor work and confused ideas. You need to deal with this fear in order for you to write in a logical manner. However, you can manage this issue by ensuring you collect thoughts and ideas and organize them first.

Fear of Having Grammatical Errors

It is common for most students to produce work that is full of grammatical mistakes, for instance spelling mistakes. When you are composing your ideas, you need to mind the spellings of words in order to avoid misinterpretation. The team from CustomEssayOrder advises to read the various types of literature in order to deal with grammatical errors.

Fear of the Outcome

Students that produce good essays have always been admired by lectures because of their marks. Some students have a fear of the outcome, and this fear makes them not giving relevant facts and organized content. Custom written essays are, however, relevant because of the way they are researched. Nevertheless, you need to deal with your fear of outcome in order to give out the best.

How to Cope With Essay-writing Phobia?

Change your aims and goals to something realistic and achievable. First, make sure you are organized and you have done a good and deep research. Having bright ideas and thoughts at hand helps you to produce a good essay.

Share the Fears with Lecturers or Right Friends

   When you discover that you have the fear that might lead to the phobia, share the fears with relevant people in life.  By sharing, you will discover that a possible solution will be obtained. I encourage you mostly to read research books and to dig deep into the relevant information.


Students have been able to be best in writing essay because of the strategies they have laid down. Bright ideas and thoughts are produced by continuous reading and doing research. You need to conquer your fears and make sure that you generate bright and organized thoughts. When you finally discover and deal with the fear, you will be able to produce quality essays.

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