How to EARN MONEY Part Time

Part Time Job along with your studies and other job can be a resourceful option for you and you can decrease the burden from the shoulder s of your parents and you can do additional activities from the money you gather by doing part time job or business. You can built better studies facility for yourself or built a better infrastructure for yourself. The people who are already employed can also do these Part Time Jobs and make extra fortune for themselves and can live a better life. So here are the 10 Best Part Time Jobs.

1. Freelancing


Freelancing is not a new word but many of us do not know that what freelancing is. Let me tell you what freelancing is. I know you have great skills in related to IT and computers but you do not know how to use them for making fortune. Freelancing can help you out in which you can take up projects based on your skills from various freelancing websites such as Odesk , Freelance, Skill Pages where there are so many projects. You just have to make your profile there and interact with the employer and then if they found right skills in you, you will be through to make money. It is a very good part time option and you can do this whenever you get the time.

2. Bar Tending

Bar Tending

Bar Tending is another job that you can don part time. In the day you just do your regular work whatever it may be and in the evening Bar Tending is a good option. This is a resourceful job and need a few skills and if you have good communication skills then you can get a good sum of tip at the end of the day. Do not forget to Party hard while Bar Tending.

3. Network Marketing

Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a business that you can do part time with a little or no investment. In Network Marketing you associate with a product based company which have certain products such as household products or any other products. You have to make a network of friends and down line and whenever you make sales out of it then you get commission out of it. You can join companies like Amway and You just need a little skills of learning and passion to rise and earn money. In network marketing company you will get excellent knowledge and skills to do this business part time. Proud to be a network marketer.

4. Private Tutor

Private Tutor

There are so many children who need home tuitions but they are not able to find a good teacher in the market. If you are good at one of the subjects, then you can make most of this opportunity and teach the students and can earn money part time after your regular job or study.

5. Accountant


Yes there is a great demand of accountants in the market as every business whether small or big needs to clear their accounts and thus the option of accountant is always opened. You must have some knowledge about handling the accounts and preparing balanced sheets of the business and you are through to earn money being an accountant part time. Go and get this opportunity.

6. Blogging


Blogging is my personal favorite part time job. Rather than job it is a fun and promoting your art of Writing Skills. Blogging is a very classic and cool way to generate revenue from internet. You can create free blog on WordPress and Blogger with simple steps. You just need the passion to write on your topic of interest. Provide your readers fresh, genuine and original content and start promoting on social media and other internet websites. When you start getting regular visitors then, you can apply for Adsense or other ads on your blog and start earning. You can start this as a part time but later on if you succeed then you can be a big fish in the tank of other jobs. So Start Blogging today and here are some different blogs you must follow:

AmIPsyche?, Shoutmeloud, GadgetGyaan, Cancer Research Centre and many more.

7. Showroom Salesman

Showroom Salesman

After your daily business or job or studies you can spend few hours in a showroom as a salesman. There are many showroom openings daily and you have to take care and jump upon the opportunity to take up the benefit of the opening and make part time money. This is a cool part time option as you have to work few hours in the showroom and you can earn accordingly.

8. Driving in Off Hours

Driving in OFF Hours

Driving can be a good option in the free time. You can drove taxi in your free time and this could help you to get extra earning. I know you must be wondering that there are a lot of taxis in city but my dear friend let me tell you that there are far more passengers than taxis in the city. So driving a taxi in few off hours can be a very good part time option for getting extra income.

9. Dummy Character in Birthday Parties

Dummy Character in Birthday Parties

There are a lot of birthdays daily and a lot of parties are thrown on the birthdays of children and we know that children love cartoon characters and you can become a dummy cartoon character on their birthday parties and make the children enjoy. I know this is a bit clumsy job but you can have earning in this job. Along with money you are enjoying party my dear.

10. Dancing Coach

Dance Coaching

Dance Dance Dance and I love to dance but I don’t know how to dance and I need a teacher who could teach me how to dance. I know what you are thinking. There are so many people out there who love dance and want to dance but do not know how to dance. If you know how to tap to the beats of a song then this could be a great option for you. You can become a dance coach in the evening free hours and you and I both know that there is a lot of earning in this part time option of becoming a dance coach.

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