How to Know if Your Girlfriend and You Are Intellectually Compatible

It’s not that she cannot distinguish Salvador Dali from Picasso, she simply does not know these outstanding artists. You are so intellectually developed personality that you can easily distinguish all the shades of gray and constantly quotes Nietzsche in order to show your vast knowledge. And as it often happens in life, the representatives of two completely different worlds have met. And now, you go already back on your words about the fact that you will not be able to communicate with a girl who is not intellectually compatible with you. Although, who said that your woman is not smart?

Do you have intellectual compatibility?

Who is smarter: you, knowing by heart the history of Hungary and words like “empirical” or your woman who has not heard about all that but, at the same time, understands how to keep harmony and not to hurt your vulnerable personality and not go crazy? It seems that both are smart and wise in your own way, but she is wiser a little bit more. Many intellectuals, alas, have one problem: they know a lot, but this knowledge does not help adapt to life. What is the use of 16th-century poetry, if it does not help you invest your money because, in addition to the spiritual baggage, you need to develop a practical baggage? She will wake you up, support and give such an incentive about the existence of which neither Nick Vuychich nor Radislav Gandapas does not guess. You are more intellectually compatible than it may seem at the first sight.

You are as good as gold and she is not.

If you perfectly understand in what you need to invest, with whom to contact, how to behave and what to say then either you do not need women at all, or you should moderate your pride. It is very difficult for such people to live with partners who are equal to them in the abilities, especially if there is a need for self-assertion. On the other hand, if she knows less than you, you have no right to put your head in your hands and tell her how dumb she is. Firstly, it humiliates. Secondly, people like you have quite overestimated pictures of their own abilities and their own intellect.

Become her teacher.

What is an intellectual compatibility in a relationship? This is one continuous school of life in which you learn from each other. Sometimes you learn those things that irritate you in each other. If something is not right and does not suit you, become her personal couch. An adequate girl will not mind that she will be taken to theaters and ballets, as well as given books. Much depends on your patience, pedagogical abilities, and her desire. Although, if she is a normal person, she understands that she does not reach your level, and she will gladly take up self-development. The problem is that she will not do it herself, she needs your help. Thanks to that, you will have more topics for discussions and talks.

Learn from her.

If you are together then you have common ground. Think well, listen to your conversations, find in what she is interested. Do not hold the frame, look into her world, there you will also find something interesting and new for yourself. At the worst, sit in front of each other and tell honestly what you do not like in each other. If there is still love and respect in your relationship then you will listen and work hard on yourself. Well, if you don’t want to do that, it seems that it is just not meant to be. Perhaps, it is more difficult to live together when you have different worldviews, but if you find common ground, learn from each other and begin to respect your interests, your relationship will turn into an armored train. The main thing is to be like-minded in terms of the future.

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