How To Sleep Well With CPAP

Sleep Apnea patients find it difficult to breathe during bedtime. Thanks to the CPAP treatment. This has given so much comfort to patients facing breathing troubles while they sleep. Getting used to the CPAP therapy is quite challenging as well. It is a different experience for everyone. Well, if you follow some simple CPAP tips tricks then you can be comfortable with the machine and experience a sound sleep as well.

Change settings as per your needs

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  • Change settings as per your needs
  • Make the mask feel comfortable
  • Good sleep hygiene is necessary
  • Analyze your sleeping position
  • Adjust the ramp setting on the CPAP machine:
  • Conclusion:

Use the CPAP machine for a short period of time during the day. Wear the CPAP while you are watching television, reading and not feeling tired. It is an ideal way to analyze your comfort level and make adjustments if required. The therapy specialist will set all the equipment settings so your sleep apnea needs are met perfectly. You may need to make some adjustments to the mask or the humidifier as per your convenience because the home environment is different than the clinic environment.

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Make the mask feel comfortable

If the CPAP mask doesn’t fit properly then you will face issues. It will not allow you to sleep easily. Once you have made the necessary adjustments to the CPAP settings during the day lie down and turn the machine on. Some machines come with a mask testing mode so you can test the machine. If the mask is bigger in size, adjust the headgear straps so your face can be in a comfortable position. It will be irritating for a while. If the mask is small in size then it will not seal in a proper way. The air might blow in your eyes as well. If you face such problems, visit a CPAP clinic. If you are worried about the straps rubbing against your skin, buy soft nasal pads.

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Good sleep hygiene is necessary

It is important to improve your sleep hygiene so you can have a successful sleep therapy. It means you must take care of your lifestyle, practices, and habits related to help you sleep properly. Make a few minor adjustments to your attitude and lifestyle. Things you need to do:

➢ Firstly, you should listen to your body. Your body gives accurate signals when it’s time to sleep.

➢ Go to sleep when the body gives signals that it is tired and do not go to bed until your body is tired.

➢ Make changes to your sleeping environment. You should have a good pillow and mattress. The bedroom should be quiet and dark. The temperature should be between 16 and 20 degree Celsius. Avoid taking alcohol, mobile phones or coffee before sleeping. It affects the quality of sleep.

Analyze your sleeping position

It is important to analyze your sleeping position. If you are a side sleeper then choose a CPAP mask designed specifically for side sleepers. Some machines are designed for specific sleeping positions and some are designed for any sleeping position. It is vital to analyze your sleeping position and then invest in a machine so you face no difficulties while you are sleeping in a particular position. Most of the specialists recommend sleep apnea patients to sleep on their side because it offers many health benefits, opens the airway naturally and makes one feel comfortable.

The CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers are lightweight and take less space on the face. Mostly these are the nasal masks. Ear loops are custom made and different cushion sizes, as well as the soft headgear, feel supple. It seals better to the nose and feels comfortable as well.

Adjust the ramp setting on the CPAP machine:

Once you are in bed and have fitted the mask, start the machine. If you experience high air pressure from the machine while you are trying to sleep then use the ramp mode. The ramp mode helps to start a device at low pressure and increases the air pressure over time. You must fall asleep before the air pressure reaches its appropriate level. Get in touch with the dealer if you face any difficulties with the air pressure increasing before you fall asleep.


It will take some time for people to get comfortable using a CPAP machine so be patient. Follow the above steps, talk to your specialist and in a few days, you will be comfortable using the CPAP machine.

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