Impaired Driving Is Something You Should Avoid During This Holiday Season

The holiday season should be a happy time, but it’s also one where the roadways are filled with drivers too impaired to be behind the wheel.

A lot of holidays are synonymous with activities like drinking, and even drug use, so impaired driving deaths tend to rise in number in this part of the year. The National Safety Council has estimated that 421 people will die in such a manner in the holidays, and data from previous seasons suggest that alcohol will factor into at least a third of driver or passenger deaths, with drugs accounting for even more.

Things don’t have to be like this. With options like ride-sharing meeting up with traditions like a designated driver, it’s easier than ever to prevent impaired driving crashes. However, in order to reduce or even eliminate such deaths, the risks have to be recognized.

The Happy Holidays Can Be Deadly:

For a lot of folks, the holiday season creeps up slowly in the days and nights preceding the actual formal dates on the calendar, particularly for folks that pack up to travel home or somewhere else to spend with friends and family.


Sadly, this creates the potential for deaths, injuries, crashes, and Corpus Christi news car accidents that put a damper on the holiday mood. The season also means deteriorating driving conditions, less daylight, and inclement weather, all of which add up to increasingly dangerous holiday driving and riding. Fortunately, it only takes a little planning to prevent a lot of risk, especially when it comes to impaired driving.

Some Handy Hints When Thinking Ahead:

If you know you’re going to be out for a day or evening celebrating in advance, it’s useful to spend a few minutes planning out how you might return home safely. If you’re currently taking any medications, remember and be mindful of any warnings that are on the labels. Columbia University has estimated that opioid-involved car crashes have increased by 700 percent over the last 20 years, which might be where there’s more Corpus Christi news car accident stories than you remember in the past. Avoid being one of them by designating one driver to be free of drugs and alcohol so one sober person can give family and friends rides home.

Should you be the designated driver, be sure all passengers are restrained properly, but also check ahead for the road conditions you’re going to face. Night-time driving triples your risk of a crash, and the odds get even worse if there’s snow, sleet, or rain.

Always be mindful of the vehicles which are around you. You’d love to think everyone else planned ahead, but statistics will tell you that impaired drivers are out there. It’s okay to call it a night early if you’re worried about conditions worsening and risks you face from other drivers.

Safety Matters When Ride-Sharing:

If you intend for ride-sharing services to be your way home after holiday events, keep in mind a few safety basics both before your ride and during it. Always look through the reviews of the driver, and also ask the driver their name prior to getting in their vehicle, particularly if many other folks are requesting rides at the same point. Be sure your address is correct, and wear the seat belt for the whole ride home.

Getting Home Safely Is Your Objective:

Traffic deaths are tragic, and Corpus Christi news car accidents make for tragic television bits or newspaper articles that break hearts in a time when most gather with friends and family to celebrate one another. However, when everyone does their own part, it’s possible to fight off the risks of impaired driving. Assume responsibility for your holiday travel so everyone gets home safe, whether you’re out with family, friends, or just coworkers.

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