Impressive Ads That Caught Not Only Some Businessmen’s Attention But Also the Public

Printing and technology has been working together to provide advertising companies something that will benefit not only the consumers but also them. Printing technology has improved and has become convenient to the people especially the advertising market and companies across the world over the years.

Print advertising is now used globally for advertising. Often people can see these kinds of advertisements in magazines or newspapers in all areas of the world. They are most commonly seen as fliers, leaflets or brochures given in the streets or displayed in some establishments. Any sort of thing that is inscribed in the print media to catch the attention of some specific target audiences falls under the scope or range of print advertising.

Despite the different innovations and high technology, the fact that there are still people who read newspapers or any other kind of publications in every single day cannot be denied. Through reading them or even just browsing, there is a big chance that they can see the print ads that they come across. They cannot decide instantaneously to buy the product or what the print ad is promoting, but the fact that they have seen it already and they remember, a chance of them having considered it is there.

Only when people see can make a print advertisement effective. Making sure that it is reachable is one of the key factors of its efficiency. An advertisement should be creatively made in a way that it can likely grab the attention of the customers. Through doing this, even when people just browse through the any print publication, they will be interested in the thing being advertised.

When talking about being creative as well as being informative at the same time, consider the following in the list:

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  • When talking about being creative as well as being informative at the same time, consider the following in the list:
    • 1) Dumb Ways to Die
    • 2) SANCOOB
    • 3) McDonald’s
    • 4) Duracell

1) Dumb Ways to Die

In order to grab the attention of greater number of people, the Metro train system of Melbourne Australia made their way back in November to take a different attack to public safety information. By different, it means using extraordinary elements to make it more catchy rather than dull. Their ad called as Dumb Ways to Die promptly became a big hit among the people across Melbourne. It even won a series of essential awards. Through using the animated characters that play out the lyrics of comedy song regarding the absurd deaths, the message of the advertiser became catchy in the eyes of the recipients.

Created in union with McCanne, a famous Melbourne ad agency, the campaign has continued to inspire hundreds of print ads across the scope. The people have just loved the cuteness of the animated character and designs that balance the goriness of their deaths.


In order to disseminate the information of the penguins having been in rapid decline, two of the known South African advertising agency SANCOOB and Bittersuite created this simple and very creative yet meaningful print ad. The two ad agency are a non-profit organization which are aiming to protect a number of vulnerable sea birds across their country.

They lately formulated this innovative number of sets of print ads in order to increase consciousness of the sea bird’s critical condition. This ad is inspired from the artwork of M.C. Escher, a Dutch graphic artist.

It can be seen in the two of the style and design that presents cunning visual illusions in order for the viewer to form a closer look to what the print ad is trying to express. Looking at the way the penguins are presented, it is as if in an optometrist’s eye chart because of its inverted pyramid form.

This kind of design features a timeline of the penguins in varied sizes to present the decrease in the sea birds’ species.

3) McDonald’s

Millions of people across the world surely know McDonald’s as a provider of tasty fast foods and other products. In fact, it is perpetually coming up with advanced ways of promoting. Video advertising or even in print, McDonald’s surely shines.

This superb print ad functions as their latest offer. Created by TBWA Shanghai, this eye catching style of expression presents a box of fries that is carved from their very ingredient which is the potato. In addition, the color styles are not that too colorful which makes it simple yet convincing.

4) Duracell

Everybody just love print ads that come out as being mysterious – and this ad is certainly one of the examples of them. By just looking at it, the viewer can be a bit curious of what the advertiser is telling or what product are they promoting.

Terrific but impressive, this kind of ad probably doesn’t impress the audience at first glance, but somehow it does. Duracell’s advertisement shows a sinister looking doll in the entrance way of a girl’s room along with the tag line at the bottom right which says ‘Some toys never die.’

Through the tag line, the viewer will suddenly realize everything and becomes impressed on how the ad is presented. This is certainly a different yet intelligent way of promoting long-lasting batteries.


In this digital era where almost all photos and images are already made in digital form, there are still lots of people who would rather choose to have a printed copy. In connection with this, home desktop printing may be enough for quite a personal purpose only. But it is a completely different way when it is for professional and equipped with machine printing for large businesses.

Whether it is a small or large business, as long as they still use traditional print advertising, it can surely benefit in printing using the Advanced Business Copiers or ABC. Other kinds of printed publication materials such as booklets, fliers, leaflets and brochures require professional printing services that multi functional printer and advance copiers from ABC can offer.

Having a good tagline, extraordinary design and illustrations and a meaningful yet impressive way of expressing a product for promotion are not only the ones to make a print advertisement successful and catchy when the print quality is not the best. Choosing a good printer in producing the copies of these print ads functions as an important factor for a complete success in grabbing the attention of the consumers.

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Laura Baird is a crafty artist who is an illustrator. She relies heavily on her trusty printer to get her digital illustrations printed. Laura likes sharing her techniques on how to come up with better drawings using various software and tools as well as the best printers to get to make sure that her artist’s portfolio is superb. In her free time, she writes about these strategies so that budding artists can learn from her experiences as well.

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