Internet Marketing and its Wide Branches

Internet connects the whole world and it has no limits and it covers a huge amount (all of the audience) of audience and market that can never be created and explored with bare hands. Internet Marketing is a very wide field which includes every practice and plan that we prepare or implement to market our product. The practices that we follow and implement to promote our products, services, events or famous persons on internet fall under the category of internet marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Basically refers to the formation, initialization and implementation of the online marketing plan according to the search engine. Basically search engine marketing is based on the search results shown by a search engine according to the keywords used for getting a specific result.

It employs three basic techniques:

  1. Analysis

In this Phase we use to analyze the website we need to market online. It includes the analysis of basic amenities of a website such as Meta Tags analysis, Header Tags analysis, Robot.txt file analysis, Sitemap analysis. Checking whether all the social media sites are linked to the website or not. It also includes the listing of current ranking on and Google Page Rank along with the current back links. It also includes the verification of the code Google Webmasters Tool and Google Analytics. The   errors such as canonical errors, 404 Redirection and 301 redirection are analyzed in this phase.

  1. On Page Search Engine Optimization

As the name indicates on page SEO basically intends to the optimization of the code of the website, resolving the errors in the site source code. It includes the change and optimization of the Meta tags such as Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords. Implementation of Robots.txt, Sitemap generation and resolving 301 and 404 errors are includes in the On Page SEO. In this part the whole code of the website is validated and rechecked and errors are eliminated to get a fresh new validated code. Get the best Digital marketing coaching center in Jaipur.

  1. Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Off Page SEO refers to the changes and the implementation we make in the other sites rather than on our primary website to generate traffic and quality links from those. It includes various activities such as Social Bookmarking, Business Directory Submissions, Search Engine Submissions, Discussion in Support Forums, Commenting in Blogs, Business Listings, RSS Feed Submissions, Working on Web 2.0 Properties Sites, Blog Pinging, Answering on Question Answering Sites and Creation of Support Blogs and Articles.

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In Off Page Search Engine Marketing we used to target keywords that users type in search bar of a search engine such as Keyword can be targeted by using the right and relevant content. There are various factors by which we can improve the ranking of our website according to search engine. This can be achieved by providing 100% genuine and quality content to the users. One thing we should keep in mind that content is king and we cannot bargain with the king. We can target other websites to generate quality back links from other websites through proper link building techniques. We can use high priority social bookmarking sites such as and which have a lot of users and by adding a public bookmark in these websites we can redirect the traffic from these websites to our.

We can list our business in the business directories which used to save our business website in their online store and anyone who wishes to sort out websites for a particular category can easily go there and can check out the particular website list.

For building quality links we can make proper use of the Question Answer websites such as Yahoo Answers and Quora Answers. Here you can take help of the experts and also you can give your expert advice to the one in need. You may also target Support Forums where all the experts of different fields are present and you can interact with them and take advices and give advices there to the people who need actual support.

The best and one of most important part of SEO is Article writing and its submission on websites such as,,,,, and These sites have volumes of traffic and users and when we post an article there about our website or the product, the user in need will surely visit our website. It also help in enhancing the Brand Value.

In SEO we create external free or paid supporting blogs such as WordPress, Blogspot, Weebly, Wix and many more so that we can reach maximum number of targeted audience. Blogs are the best source of information for the users so they used to prefer reading your blog posts of reviews of the products. There are Internet Marketing Blogs like Search Engine Land and Moz which are a great ocean of information. Product based companies used to hire bloggers to review their products and people extensively make up their mind on bloggers review.

We also make use of other blogs for generating quality traffic. We can use other blogs as a platform for commenting and driving the relevant traffic to our site. Blog commenting requires a little skill as we need to add up in accordance with blog post. For increasing the discussion we also make use of the support forums by which we can share our problems and solve others problems.

In Off Page SEO we also use Web 2.0 Sites to increase user interaction and promoting the Brand, basically Web 2.0 sites are the priority sites that are based on the dynamic view of websites. These sites are basically user operated sites in which user can himself or herself make a change and interact with others. All the social media sites come under this category. Web 2.0 websites are the best source of direct traffic and helps in increment of Brand Value.

Another activity that we perform in SEO of a website is Search Engine Submission. We have a website and it need to be indexed in the Search Engine. One method is to submit your website to the webmasters. But what if the site is already indexed? Then you submit your site to the search engines submission sites and these sites act as the helping hand of the Search Engines and list out your site there if not earlier.

Then we make use of the Web 2.0 Websites. These are the websites which have a huge amount of traffic on it and have a good authority in the Web World like Reddit, Technorati and WordPress. Here we share our data and websites to have some juice from them.

So these are the main Off Page SEO techniques that we use to get ranked in search engines particularly Google and in next post of this section we will continue with the next part of Internet Marketing that is Email MarketingStay tuned with us. Till then look at this amazing Social Media Advertising for Small Business.

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