Items to Include in a Beauty Gift Basket

Shopping for someone who loves beauty items can be daunting.  There are so many options to choose from, and it is not always easy to know the brands or specific products that a beauty junkie may swear by and use in their daily regime.  A wonderful idea is to put together a few general items in a basket that will be appreciated by anyone who loves to pamper themselves and celebrate with a little “me time”.  Since these baskets can be given to both women and men, they are great for celebrating special moments and events with others. Therefore, for those of you who want to know what types of things that you can place in your basket, here are a few essential items to include in a beauty gift basket.

  1. Scented Candles

When getting your goods together, it is important to make sure that you are considering everything that is needed for a good beauty experience. Even though a big part of preparing a beauty basket is to enhance one’s appearance, you cannot forget about the overall experience that you want the receiver to have when they use the items you supply. If your theme is ‘the ultimate beauty spa’, you may want to start your basket off with scented candles. Scented candles are great for lavish luxury beauty baths so they are more than appropriate for this type of basket.

  1. Cuticle Remover

If you are looking to provide everything that a person needs for a manicure, there are some items that should not be left out of your gift basket. More importantly, you should have all of the basic items that you usually find in any manicure set. This is why many beauty gift sets are filled with items like cuticle removers. Cuticle removers are often placed in a beauty basket to make sure the person can give themselves a professionally looking manicure whenever they so desire.

  1. Moisturizers

If you are looking to provide enough items for a full body beauty treatment, you may want to consider the different types of moisturizers that will be needed. Fortunately, there are lots of beauty sites that can help to direct you in the best direction possible. For instance, people have different skin types so the moisturizers used can differ from one person to another. So, in cases where the person has exceptionally dry skin, they will need moisturizers in the basket that will help them to hydrate different parts of the body. To that end, here are some of the different types of moisturizers that you can make your selections from.

– Moisture Absorbers: Humectants

– The Space Fillers: Emollients

– The Moisture Sealers: Occlusive

– The Skin Glue: Ceramides

Each of the above serves a specific purpose. So, you may want to place one of each in your gift basket. For instance, if you want to place a humectant in the basket, it can be used to keep the skin hydrated because it is designed to draw water into the skin.

  1. Beauty Cleansers

Another good beauty item to place in your gift basket is the cleanser. Cleansers are essential to many different types of nightly beauty routines. This is especially true for those who want to keep their skin looking fresh and vibrant as they grow older. Beauty cleansers are much better than face soaps since they are designed to remove makeup completely without leaving dirt and residue on the skin. Also, while bar soaps can actually make the skin drier, cleansers are made with the intent to clean the skin of oils, acne and other issues without causing the condition of the skin to be too dry.

  1. Perfume

Your beauty gift basket can be filled with all kinds of different special items that people can use every day. Therefore, if you want your friend or family member to have a specific fragrance that they may enjoy, you may choose a perfume from your favorite cosmetic place. Perfumes make wonderful beauty gifts and they can be worn as a signature fragrance when people really enjoy wearing them. it is important, however, when making these decisions to choose a fragrance very carefully so that the person can be matched well to the fragrance that you giving.

  1. Beauty Mask

As people grow older, they want to protect their skin, especially the appearance of their face. So, when you place beauty masks in the gift basket, they are usually greatly appreciated. These beauty masks are not only designed to protect the skin, but to moisturize it so that it will appear smoother and more vibrant during the day.

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