LifeFone :: An Awesome Medical Alert System Starting from Just $24.95 Per Month

LifeFone is in the medical and health monitoring services from over 30 years and still one of the best in medical alert systems. LifeFone Medical Alert System comes in two variants that are emergency pendants and bracelets which are very nice to wear and has the best range among other medical alert systems.

LifeFone may be an elderly company, but they’re definitely staying current with industry trends. Aside from the budget and quality perspective, there’s also a whole lot of other things to really like about LifeFone. Let’s have a look at them.

LifeFone’s setup is practically like every other device in the market. The user will receive a pendant that features a button and speaker on it. They’ll additionally obtain a base unit that they can install into the wall.

In the case of an urgent situation, the user will push the button on their necklace or perhaps the help button on their wall-mounted unit.

Both way, a signal are certain to get transmitted that connects the camp unit to LifeFone’s monitoring station. A trained professional will answer and determine the problem. They will already have access to the Emergency Care Instructions you will possess provided them with once you sign up to use the product.

In case the trained professional on the other end of the line decides that must be necessary they call for an ambulance or even simply a family member, they’ll stay on the queue with you until help appears.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Features of LifeFone Medical Alert System
  • 2 Cost of LifeFone Medical Alert System
  • 3 Pros and Cons of of LifeFone Medical Alert System
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    • 3.2 Cons
  • 4 Conclusion

Features of LifeFone Medical Alert System 

Fall Detection

Another fantastic service the company provides is called Fall Detection or Diagnosis. If you were to slip and fall, the injury you sustain may keep you from being able to communicate to an operator that you need help. With their Fall Detection Service, though, this sort of emergency will generate immediate contact with an agent from LifeFone. If you can’t react, they’ll just send medical professionals to wherever your GPS says you are.

“On The Go” Service

In addition there are two other services well worth describing. The first is their “On the Go” Service, that gives you a tiny mobile device with pre-installed GPS. That way, you can still get the help you need while at the park or jogging errands. Basically, you can leave the house and never have to worry about an urgent situation rendering you prone.

Cost of LifeFone Medical Alert System 

You have five different options to choose from with LifeFone. Let’s look at each:

  • At-Home Landline: it costs $24.95 per month with fall detection being optional.
  • At-Home 3G Cellular: $32.95 per month (no landline connection needed)
  • At-Home Fall Detection 3G Cellular: $38.95 per month (includes fall detection and cellular service)
  • At-Home and On-the-Go: $36.95 per month(includes mobile device with GPS tracking)
  • At-Home and On-the-Go With Fall Detection: $46.95 per month

Pros and Cons of of LifeFone Medical Alert System 


Competitive Prices – Finally, what’s never to love about that pricing? For the features you get, those prices are incredibly competitive, plus you don’t have to sign any long-term agreements and can even try the service out for 30 days before moving forward.

Long Battery Life – LifeFone’s base comes with a battery that can power it for thirty two hours should something ever before happen to your electricity. Furthermore, The LifeFone Response Center will be immediately notified if something like this ever happens so they can help the best way they can.

Strong Signal Coming from Device – We also like that LifeFone is all about mobility. The base can register a device within 1, five-hundred feet of it. This kind of will make it perfect for many who like to venture out back and play with their dog, garden or get the mail without worrying that they’re adding themselves at an pointless risk.

Remote Phone Giving an answer to – Although it may well not necessarily save your life one day, we like the Remote Phone Addressing Feature on LifeFone. Quite simply, because the base links to your phone series, you can answer just by pressing the button on your pendant anytime it rings. Then just treat it like a speakerphone.


One of the disadvantage of LifeFone is the fact some of their offerings are a lttle bit costly. That’s not to say they’re not necessarily well worth it. There is one more con which is they have no chat support option.


LifeFone is one of the best Medical Alert System in the market which has all the necessary features with very affordable price range.

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