Top 5 Lightweight Tools That You Can Take Everywhere

Tools are an important part of any household and help in fixing numerous jobs saving a lot of time and money. Since there are so many types of tools to choose from, one might consider only those that they frequently use. However, you must always have a basic set of tools that may help you to fix all kinds of problems that usually arise. Here is a list of some lightweight tools that you can take everywhere. These tools are essential, easy to use, compact and lightweight so that you can carry and store them anywhere.

1. Lightweight Adjustable wrench

Adjustable wrenches are a versatile tool that can help in performing many household repairs in seconds. The rotating threader adjuster helps in adjusting the open end of the wrench. They come in different varieties and sizes and you can choose one according to your requirement. For doing plumbing fittings, you can choose a 10-14 inch wrench. 

2. Hammers- A tool that can be carried anywhere

No wonder, every house needs a hammer. It can help in fixing a nail without damaging your walls and word pieces. Some varieties are lightweight and can be carried along anywhere. Usually, a standard nailing hammer or a tack hammer will be sufficient for use in your home, however, you can choose a dead-blow hammer if you are using it for woodworking. Such hammers have minimum bounce and are excellent for woodworking.

3. Don’t forget the screwdrivers

No toolbox or workshop is complete without this tool. Like other tools, screwdrivers also come in a variety of types and sizes. If you want to carry it along, you may choose a lightweight variant that is compact and versatile. For home use, you can have a flat-head screwdriver, however, buy a Torx head or hex screwdriver if you want to use it for other specialized work. A screwdriver with an interchangeable head will help in increasing its versatility.

4. Cordless drill- A handy and lightweight tool

Cordless drills are powerful yet portable and can be carried anywhere. They are useful in performing hard tasks such as drilling in an effective way. These can be used to fix screws in minutes saving a lot of time. Some variants come with a clutch that stops the rotation when the screw is fully installed. This keeps you from damaging the screws. For lighter work, go for a 14-18 volt cordless drill. If you are aiming for a cordless drill that is as effective as a corded one, go for a 20 volt and up model.

5. Versatile rotary tool

A handy rotary tool can perform various tasks such as sanding, polishing, carving and even cutting. You may also use it for grinding. Choose a model that has a lightweight design yet can perform all the tasks efficiently. A rotary tool comes with various attachments that are helpful in taking any project in a fast and easy manner.


Q. Who can use these tools?

A. These tools are extremely easy to use and can be handled by almost anyone, however, it is important to keep them out of reach of children to avoid any injury. It is recommended to wear safety gloves when using hammers and hand saws.

Q. Are corded drills better than cordless one?

A. Corded drills are considered more powerful than the corded one. However, they are heavier and can be difficult to carry around. On the other hand, cordless drills are efficient enough to do all the household drilling and driving yet they are compact and lightweight, making it easier to take everywhere.

Q. How long will these lightweight tools last?

A. If proper storage and maintenance are ensured, these tools will last a lifetime. They are made of sturdy material that is durable. Cleaning the tool after every use will further increase its life. You may use a toolbox to store these tools safely. It will also help you to find them easily as the need arises.


In addition to the above tools that you can take everywhere, an extension cord, a pry bar, and a utility knife are some lightweight tools that can easily do many tasks efficiently. Cold chisels are another useful tool that can cut through cold metal when struck by a hammer and help you remove rivets, bolts, and pins. Some of these tools are used on a regular basis and some once in a while but having them in your home will surely help you to fix almost anything in minutes. It is always important to follow safety measure while working with tools to prevent an injury.

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