Nalanda University :: The Historical Centre of Global Education

Nalanda is a renowned name of a historical center of higher studies in Bihar, India. Situated 55 miles of south east of Patna in the state of Bihar, Rajgir and also a Buddhist community of learning from the century 427 to 1197 CE. It is listed in the seven wonders of India list.

It has been regarded the greatest universities as per the records of history. Various buildings were built by the mauryan dynasties as per guided by the emperor which signified commencement of Buddhist learning center Nalanda.

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Listening to the ancient people, the Nalanda University enlightened during the times of Kumaragupta that was further supported by the Buddhist emperors like Pallava Empire and Harsha. The multiplex is constructed with coverage of 14 hectare of land constructed with red bricks. The university has attracted innumerable alumni’s and scholars all around the globe like China, Persia, and Greece.

History of Nalanda University

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Then, came descent of Buddhism in India, when during the year 1193, Turkic Muslim invaders under Bakhtiyar Khalji terminated the Nalanda. Namely, Dharma Gunj that is the mountain of earth was the library in Nalanda, which was widely known treasure of the knowledge about Buddhist at that era. The library owned thousands of volumes of knowledgeable books, deliberately vast that there was a burning until three months when the Muslims a flamed the library. Library comprised of three major buildings, of nine storey heights, called the Ratna Sagara, which was also called the Sea of Jewels, and Ratnodadhi called the Ocean of jewel. During the flaming period at the library, Muslims’ also drove away all the other monks from the area.

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In the year 2006, various nations involving Singapore, India, china, Japan, proposal set up a plan to reculcinate the historical site with the new name as Nalanda international university. In the commencement, the university started its career on September 1, 2014 with 15 students including five female. Moreover, apparently, Nalanda is a post graduate and doctoral school. There were huge interventions during the making and starting of the Nalanda university/ As in the year 2006, the eleventh president of India, the renowned APJ Abdul Kalam initiated the idea of recreating the university and after so many other grievances and allocations, finally the bill for the university was passed in the year 2010 September at the rajya sabha and lok sabha. Further, then the bill was regarded as an act in the same year, with the university coming to life in November 2010.

Architecture of Nalanda University

The architecture and infrastructure design of the university was handled by the Vastu shilpa consultants who won in the global competition for building of international state of the art institution. The vastu shilpa consultants supply triple net zero energy, waste and waste strategic plan. The university’s session began on 1 September 2014 with fifteen students in the school of historical sciences, environment, and ecology. The hostel living for the university students was taken place by a hotel, which was in operation by the Bihar state tourism development corporation in rajgir. Regarded, the first international residential university in the universe, the University of learning was famous among innumerable renowned intellectuals who travelled around countries like Asia, central Asia, china, Korea, Tibet, and Sri Lanka.

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At the time of its peak years, the university initiated ten thousand students with fifteen hundred teachers’ faculty.  Basically, the university influenced delivering education related to philosophy, arts, science, law and politics.

Hiuen Tsang and Nalanda University

A very famous Chinese traveler, Hiuen Tsang , has also been a student of this university. The ancient Magadha, which is also called the modernized Bihar, was greatly impacted by the Buddhism religion. Therefore, there was an involvement of around ten Buddhist temples inside the university campus, making the university as one of the massive Mahaviharaor Buddhist monastery.

The Jains thought the university campus as a very important place for them as in the seventh century, there were many pilgrim monks from countries like East Asia for instance the Xuanzang and Yijing and the shailendra dynasty built many monasteries inside the campus itself. The curriculum of Nalanda university also included courses from every field where one could engulf learning like Buddhist, Hindu, sacred and secular, foreign and native.

Also including astronomy, science, medicine, logic with metaphysics, philosophy, samkhya , yoga Shasta and Veda with inscriptions of Buddhism and not forgetting the foreign philosophy. Well, undoubtedly, India is an always-regarded place of learning. The land bids ancient sciences to arts to philosophy and literature. The dream destination for the students to study collecting learners from every part of the world.

Nalanda University Ruins

Ancient and historic universities like Nalanda have gained travelers and learners from all over the globe to Asia the hub of learning. In addition, Nalanda is an absolute education treasure, which even after through so many ruins, interventions, devastations, still stands tall recognizing the education of Indian era. Such universities are the major discoveries for the philosophy lovers to dig out what are old Indian era education and learning comprised of which could also be a main source of learning for the further generations to come by too. The pali engravings on stones and the walls of Nalanda are an evidence to cultivate how the community was at that time.

To dig out deep, about the Nalanda era, then one can visit the Nalanda archaeological museum, which is near to the heritage site and displays sculptures, seals, coins, and inscribed inscriptions that were preserved from the ruins at that time. Moreover, let us not be unaware about the fact that Nalanda University offered as an operational model for highlighting ancient history, and its structure for the number of modern time institutes’ present in India.

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The new brand location of the Nalanda university campus is an expansively agricultural area, which implies a great impact on the side around regional areas. It is focusing on enhancing the surroundings by supporting creation of infrastructure and linkage, upholding large gates lands inside the harmoniously expanding sprawls.

So, if one is attracted towards the ancient Indian architecture, education and learning, the Nalanda must exactly hit up your travel list. One can reach Nalanda University from the Patna city road by a cab or car, which will take approximately about an hour and a half to the place.

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