Proper Cleaning Means Babying Your Classic Car

You have finally gotten the classic car of your dreams but the thought of keeping it in pristine shape is giving you nightmares. I’m not going to lie, cleaning your classic car takes time but it’s time well spent. Keeping your new “Baby” looking sharp inside and out is fairly simple with these easy tips.

Chances are you will be showing off your classic more often during the warmer months and keeping it under wraps when it’s icy outside, after all you’re not going to risk your investment. When your car is under a cover it won’t need weekly cleaning so the hard work takes place mostly during the summer months.

Cleaning Your Classic Car has Two Rules:

Never Take Your Classic Ride to a Regular Car Wash!

The heavy duty brushes and harsh chemicals are sure to damage the vintage paint and destroying its beauty. Even the best hand wash service can use chemicals in their cleaners leaving you fuming. The only smart way to clean your prized possession is by investing the time to do it yourself, unless you have a crew hired to do the labour for you.

Keeping a classic car in pristine condition requires as much pampering as you would give any member of your family. Treat your ride like a newborn baby using cotton diapers or the softest sponge you can find when cleaning your classic car. You may be tempted to use dish soap but don’t as it can dull the finish. Invest in a gentle detergent-free soap for a shiny finish.

When cleaning your classic car always start washing from the top. Be aware that even the most well looked after classic can have a naturally leaky. As you work your way down watch for any stubborn stains or marks. If you run across a stain don’t use an abrasive to tackle it, just keep on cleaning the rest of your car like normal until the waxing stage.

Don’t Dry a Classic Car with Just any Towel.

Your best choice is a soft chamois leather cloth. Don’t ball the cloth up for the best results, using a firm grip lay the cloth loosely in your hand. Before starting check to make sure that there is no lint on the cloth and have several towels on hand to complete the job. Always dry your tires and wheels last so you don’t accidentally spread grease across your paint job.

Now your car is ready for waxing to keep it showroom ready. Make sure to only use a wax that is suited for your car’s paint and color. Start by applying wax to any area that had a stain on it first. Leave the wax on it for a while so that you can easily loosen the mark and get it off. Be gentle.

The Karate Kid’s Mr. Miyagi had the right idea when it comes to polishing your classic car, “Wipe on, wipe off.” Use circular motions as you buff your car. Take your time and check each panel as you finish before going on to the next area.

Now that the outside is clean make sure you are keeping the vehicle’s atmosphere fresh inside.

The best way to cleaning your classic car’s interior is by investing in a good high power car vacuum. Just like your house vacuum you want a model that has attachments so you can get every nook and cranny.

With so many models on the market choosing which car vacuum to keep your vehicle’s atmosphere fresh can be a challenge. Two of the best are the ArmorAll Utility Vac, known for its flexibility and comes with all accessories needed for complete interior car cleaning and the Black+Decker PAV1200W with 3-stage filtration operation that inhibits dust from seeping into the air.

I prefer the Black+Decker PAV1200W because it doesn’t require electric power to run, your car’s 12v battery runs it with ease. With a 16′ power cord you can get every inch of the interior of your car clean and the vacuum is strong enough to pick up any loose gravel that gets stuck inside your vehicle.

There’s nothing worse than riding around with a funky aroma surrounding you. Don’t fret even the most vintage model can have your vehicle’s atmosphere fresh with that new car smell.

Some of us our worried that using air fresheners can be toxic. Almost all models on the market today are completely safe because they use a very minute amount of components but if you’re still worried there are several all natural products like my favorite Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag. The Moso freshener comes in a linen bag and can be placed anywhere inside your vehicle. Using Moso bamboo charcoal the bag is fragrance free and lasts for up to two years eliminating harmful chemicals. The bag is easy to restore by placing it outside in the sun for a few hours.

With these easy steps your classic car will always look like you just left the showroom. Go to for great articles about classic cars and everything else to do with the world of cars.

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