Running for Beginners: 10 Tricks to Motivate Yourself

Running is boring. You’re too tired. The weather isn’t great. And your favorite television show is on tonight. Do any of these excuses sound familiar? You may start your day with the best of intentions, and yet when the time come, your engines simply splutter and fail.

The good news is that the act of running itself is actually far easier than finding the motivation to do so, and with the right tricks, this process will only get easier and even addictively enjoyable. Here are 10 tips to get you started:

Table of Contents

  • 1 1. Schedule an Appointment
  • 2 2. Get Dressed
  • 3 3. Drink Coffee
  • 4 4. Preempt the Pain
  • 5 5. Set Realistic Goals
  • 6 6. Listen to Inspiring Music
  • 7 7. Run an Unfamiliar Route
  • 8 8. Turn It Into a Social Event
  • 9 9. Reward Yourself
  • 10 10. Whatever You Do, Just Run

1. Schedule an Appointment

When your day becomes a crowded mess with ever-expanding arrangements, personal fitness is often the first slot to be rescheduled. The key is to treat these activities like immovable priorities because when you think about the importance of your health, they really should be! Take note of your running plan on your calendar, then commit to it as if it’s a business meeting.

2. Get Dressed

Getting dressed is easy, you do it every morning, so just put on your gear and see how it feels. Chances are, you’d rather go for the jog than suffer the additional defeat of getting undressed again. To make the process even more exciting, purchase some brand new running attire, ensuring that you look good and feel fresh as you dart out of the house in a flash.


3. Drink Coffee

Now, this won’t be too difficult! Roughly 30 minutes before you brave your mission, drink a strong cup of coffee. By the time you’re all set, the power of caffeine will have arrived, warming your insides while kicking up your energy levels so high that you’ll be convinced you can outrun the whole world.


4. Preempt the Pain

Don’t use previous injuries as an excuse for laziness. If you’ve ever suffered from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, or chondromalacia (also known as runner’s knee), then there is a temptation to write off this activity as something to be feared. However, if you strap on a knee brace, warm up correctly, and wear the correct shoes, then there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a lifetime of comfortable running. That said, if any pain does persist, be safe and get your doctor to take a look at it.


5. Set Realistic Goals

Whether you wish to challenge your timing, your distance, or you simply want to reach a certain landmark, the details of your personal goals are not what’s important here. Rather, by pushing yourself and keeping track of your progress, you can monitor your accomplishments with a measurable pride. There are even some apps available for this very purpose!


6. Listen to Inspiring Music

Nothing will give you that extra slice of encouragement quite like your favorite fast song climbing into your brain through your ears. Time will race past as the beat matches your feet, pushing your stamina to the very limit. There is also a myriad of playlists solely designed to pump your veins full of adrenaline, or you could always resort to the Rocky theme song.


7. Run an Unfamiliar Route

Running has often been labeled “boring” by those who naively think it’s the same actions, repeated over and over again. This is not necessarily the case. Use your exercise time wisely by exploring new spots around your area, going on adventures across forest trails, or even challenging Mother Nature by racing a river.


8. Turn It Into a Social Event

If you really want to force yourself to run, get other people involved. Not only will you feel too embarrassed to cancel on the commitment, but you will also have a lot of fun as you socialize and exercise at the same time. It’s a fantastic excuse to catch up with old friends, meet new people in a fitness group, or force your partner to get into shape with you.


9. Reward Yourself

Look in the mirror and make a deal. If you accomplish your goal, then you will give yourself something in return, adding extra incentive to the arrangement. Maybe there is a cool outfit you have your eye on, or you’d love lunch at your favorite food joint, or perhaps just a nice cold beer will do. Hey, if you’ve burnt enough calories, then even an ice cream won’t harm you!


10. Whatever You Do, Just Run

It’s easy to feel intimidated or discouraged by all the advice out there, so don’t worry about anything and simply go for it. Take the process as slow as you like, don’t stress about goals, forget your time, and be flexible. If you aren’t seeing the results you want just yet, at least you know you’re trying, and that is more than what most people can say for themselves. You’re basically already winning!

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