RV Cleaning Tips You Must Follow

If your RV is full of grime, dust, and dirt, you can use the simple cleaning tips that will be given in this post so that your RV’s interior remains clean. Regardless if you are spending only a couple of weeks or the whole year in the RV, keeping it spot-free is an inevitable task you would have to deal with. It is because RVs have the tendency to get a lot of dirt and grime while on campgrounds and parks. Traveling in an RV is beneficial and it is fun, but expect a lot of dirt.

By having elbow grease and using inexpensive products, you will make mold disappear, mildew and even rust that will improve air quality in the RV.

Here are the RV Cleaning tips:

Use a wet-dry mop

If you want the cleaning of tile, laminate floors or wood to be fast, using a wet/dry mop is an important tool to have. You should invest in one for your RV, and use it a couple of times a week in the messy areas such as the kitchen and entryway.

A good quality wet/dry mop can be in the form of either a microfiber wet pad or the microfiber one. The dry pad ones are ideal for wiping small amounts of dirt or dust on furniture. You can dampen the wet dry pad using water or have a multi-purpose cleaner to spray on it. The pads can be rinsed out and then hang it to dry or put it in the washing machine.

When you dust and vacuum the RV

This is the best way to handle dust because these shop vacuums have attachments, you can also purchase a small hand vacuum and a duster with a long handle so that the entire RV is covered. These tools can be used remove dust from floors, curtains, windows, dashboards, blinds, upholstery, drawers, cabinets, and counter tops.

When you are done running the vacuum cleaner, make sure to wipe all counter tops and cabinet exterior in the whole RV using ammonia water or windex so they become safe for preparing food.

Washing the RV

Any RVer is aware that this vehicle is big and washing the RV alone is a problem that does not consider the waxing and RV detailing. One of the experiences has revealed that there are a few usual questions that come up on how you should properly wash a motorhome or an RV. When you have a bigger RV, the hassle is also bigger. You need to know that dirt and the sun damage your RV’s surface so you need to address this right away. The majority of RV products for washing and waxing are excessively mild and only for RV’s that have an excellent condition. Using municipal water to drip and dry is ideal because the minerals found in this type of water will cause hard water spots that can damage materials.

Cleaner for toilet bowls

The RV toilet can be damaged if you use harsh chemicals to clean it. RV toilets have rubber seals and gaskets made of plastic that maintains the proper working condition of the toilet. If the product you use has a high concentration of abrasives or bleach, the critical parts may be ruined. Check out these toilet bowl cleaner reviews to clean your toilet bowl in best way.

Cleaning the upholstery and dashboard

After you have vacuumed the dashboard thoroughly, clean every surface using a vinyl or leather protector that includes the foot pedals and steering wheel. If the furniture you have is made of leather, that specific product has to be used for cleaning and wiping it down using damp cloth. If the product is made of fabric, you need to vacuum it will, and use a good spray before covering it with a small blanket or you can throw it for protection. Every year, you need to have it professionally steam cleaned to clear out everything.

How to clean the rims

Cleaning the rims is easy, and it can be used for any standard automotive rim and products for wheel cleaning. It is recommended that you have the wheel covers removed once every year, and clean the painted rims well. They needed to be cleaning and waxed so you can look for any rust that is starting to develop so you can manage it well in the future.

When you are going to clean the blinds, windows, and vents

For cleaning the blinds, windows, and air vents in the RV, you are going to need a used sock, a paint brush, and all-purpose cleaner. Take a sock and put it on your hand and mist it using an all-purpose cleaner.  Slide your hand that is covered with the sock between the slat blinds so they can be wiped clean. After that, use the paint brush to clean the slats in the air vent and also the tracks on the windows. To properly clean the window glass, you need to mix 1/3 cup vinegar and ¼ cup of water in a bottle. Once you have added the ingredients, keep adding water until you will the bottle. Pour some of the mixtures into a spray bottle, put mist on the windows and use a paper towel to wipe it clean.

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Use microfiber cloths

When you are going to clean the RV, microfiber cloths are amazing. It is because they are non-abrasive, soft, extremely absorbent, and they clean a lot of surface types without leaving any streaks or lint behind.

You can use the microfiber cloth for wiping the ceiling fans, the front part of the fridge, fixtures of lights, cupboard doors, and a lot more. When the microfiber cloth gets dirty, you can just hand wash them and let it dry.

The microfiber cloths are affordable and can be found in a lot of stores and online.

These tips can be used to clean any type of RV so you will never miss a spot and you are assured that you can live comfortable in your RV every day, especially if you are on a long vacation.

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