Secure Ways to Wipe data on your Hard Drives

Formatting your hard drive may seem an easy task but eventually, takes a lot of time and effort for permanent erasing the data. People usually prefer the conventional methods to wipe the crucial data stored on their drives, which is quite risky.

Users end up damaging their hard drives by adapting insecure methods to erase the data. Furthermore, it becomes necessarily important to follow secure ways as well as special tools that can eventually leave no chance of data recovery and permanently erases the data.

Here are some safe ways to which one can expect secure wiping of their storage media.

Use a reliable Third-Party Formatting Tool

One should always emphasize on the safety of the hard drive and must consider a dedicated tool that can make effortless wipe the data. Moreover, using a tool that is specially designed for formatting purposes also enhances the safety of your device and ensures that all the sectors and indexes are cleared permanently.

One needs to purchase enterprise software that is capable of formatting the hard drives ensuring adequate security. Make sure you prefer a renowned tool offering high-reliability. You can also download the software from a trusted website.

This software requires minimal time and efforts to wipe your data from your hard drive permanently. You just need to plug-in your hard drive in your computer and run the application. Once you see your hard drive connected, you can select the “complete format” option. Make sure that you have created a backup of crucial data if there is some essential information in the drive. You won’t be able to recover the deleted data once it has been formatted.

Consider the Conventional Methods

You can also consider the traditional methods of formatting your hard drive. One needs to keep in mind some essential things before choosing this approach. You must be sure enough that you no longer need the data stored on the disk. For people dealing with some crucial business information must avoid this methodology of destroying the data, and must prefer hard drive data destruction services for proper results.

Here is the Step by Step Procedure:

  1. First of all, connect your hard disk to your PC or laptop. You can use USB port connectivity, or advanced users may connect the hard drive directly on the motherboard of your PC.
  2. Now once the device is connected, you can see the removable media in My Computer (for Windows Users).
  3. Now right click on the hard drive and then click on the “Format” option.
  4. You will be guided through a step by step procedure, and it is recommended that you must click on “Restore Device Defaults” for permanent deletion of data.
  5. This procedure requires a couple of minutes, and make sure no other task is running in the background.
  6. Once the procedure is completed, eject your hard drive and plug-in again and check whether the drive is formatted or not.


The ways mentioned above are secure for wiping the data without damaging to your hard drive. You can always rely on these methods for an effortless wiping of your hard drive.

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