See How Common Things Make Your OFFICE LIFE More INTERESTING

Office life is never easy to move with. You sit in your cubicle with a dull screen to be stared at. Often, work is so boring and you feel like you are almost lost in the humdrums of mechanical life. Who doesn’t find it more interesting to make their workplace more interesting? Let’s look at some common ways through which you can make your workplace exciting and motivating.

1. One of the most important things to do is to keep a good relation with your colleagues

Every person has his own loyal friends from schools and colleges. Follow the exact methodology here. Making friends is an important part of our job. Surround yourself with ennumber of colleagues and try to perk up with them. It’s quite natural that we might find the best pals of life from our work place. The best way to keep a friendly relation is taking a tea or coffee break together with them. Avoid spending time alone in office. Never ever try to pull back yourself from a group of friends. Just try making new acquaintances rather than remaining in solitude. This will indirectly help you build strong relationship and also a happy office environment altogether.

2. Almost all monthly earning employees are provided with sick leave

. Utilize these sick leaves when you are definitely sick and avoid working during illness. Sick leaves are given for a purpose and try to use them till you recover from your illness. Working while sick makes your condition more and more bad and you can never perform your best with your illness. The best way is to take rest properly and hit back your office once you are fully recovered. This will eventually produce affirmative results in business. Keep in mind that you can give your best results only when you are healthy and not when you are ill.

3. Another important aspect to be taken into consideration is cleanliness

Keep your workplace and desk clean, uncluttered and organized. Take some time to personalize your space. Keep away trash items and like old papers, scrap items, old pictures and notices etc. away from your work place and desk. Prioritize and arrange most frequently used things like pen, pencils, erasers, scissors or any important documents within your hand reach. Make it a point to take out some time from your working hours to clean your desk. Your mind doesn’t help you to work on a cluttered atmosphere. Cleanliness highlights your organized behavior and you are accepted as a man of discipline one step ahead.

4. Talk to some of your old friends, relatives or your parents

Share some of your old memories by taking a ten to fifteen minutes break from your desk and computers. Go through the newspapers, magazines or any reading stuffs for a pause. If you have access to social media like Face book, twitter etc. and check out some old pictures and videos. Also try clicking photographs of any programmers, meetings or of any occasion and share them with your coworkers. This will help you in refreshing your brain and nothing is more invigorating than good memories

5. In almost all corporate companies, there will be a weekend fun programmed

Actively participate in almost all activities. This is really a stress relief from your day to day monotonous work and it also builds camaraderie with your coworkers. Likewise joining a get together organized by the company will also be apt. Become a part of potlucks and nightclubs. Try new dishes with your colleagues and also hangout with them during weekends for a movie, leisure walk or any kind of entertainment that enlivens you. And also try for a short vacation to recharge yourself. This way you can forge close bond between your coworkers which indirectly helps to improve working atmosphere.

6. A corporate world is always prone to confrontations

One thing you should keep in mind is never to insult anyone without reason. Try to be silent till your mind sets the rage and talk only when you are settled and calm. It is always better to avoid having grudge on any of your coworkers. An angry situation makes you more and angrier. But try to control yourself and stay calm. Analyze why the person was angry at you and try not to meddle in between. Try to approach them after some time and if they are still under rage, leave them alone for a while. “Time heals all wounds” as the adage goes be patient and give them some time to get out of their rage. Break the angry loop later when its right time.

7. Listening to good music also helps you in enjoying your work


It is a fact that music can heal a disturbed mind. A soothing mellifluous music gives relief to your mind, improving your concentration. Try not to play it aloud, as it might cause disturbance to the other employees. Use your self-earphones or ear buds while listening. Sometimes music will have magical effect on your work and results a wonderful output of your work. Music has this healing power to keep you alive anywhere and everywhere.

8. Last but not the least sometimes keep thinking you will be paid at the end of every month

The thought can revitalize you and make you happy. Your bank account gets filled every month leaving you scope of spending on your expenditures. Positive thinking on payment could also create a positive interesting working environment.

These are some of the common things that make your office life more interesting. Be a good planner, organizer and create a to-do list every day and avoid keeping work in pending. Being punctual and jovial makes it more interesting not only for you but your colleagues also to enjoy the office environment. Express yourself as a person with good humor sense rather than being a dull man. Never be whiner and always show maturity in your work and attitude. Surround yourself with positive energy always and avoid any negative vibrations from negative people.

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