Shark Navigator Deluxe Review

The shark navigator deluxe is larger than the original Navigator. This enables it to clean large areas without regularly emptying the bin. It is also a perfect vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It has a pet hair tool brush that picks up pet hair on the floors and the sofas. Therefore, let us have a close look at what the shark navigator deluxe.

The following are its key features:

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  • The following are its key features:
  • How Shark Navigator Deluxe Works
  • Shark navigator deluxe vs. Rotator
  • The comparison between rotator and shark navigator deluxe
  • Final verdict

            • Attachments and accessories
The following are the accessories and attachments that are found in the box:
-pet hair power tool
-brush tool
-24” and 5.5” crevice tool

            • Cord length
It has a power cord of approximately 25 feet long but with no cord rewind.

            • Filter clean up
The following are the filters that need cleaning:
-primary filter based below the dustbin
-secondary filter situated in front of the motor.
HEPA post motor can also be cleaned but not regularly. However, the primary and secondary filters need regular cleaning to maintain its performance.

            • Pet hair removal
The shark vacuums deluxe is a perfect match for pet hair. It has powerful suction and a motorized brush which ensures there is no strand of carpet air left on your floor.

            • Carpet performance
Most customers have positively reacted to its cleaning performance. Its strong suction ensures all dirt is lifted from the carpet. You can adjust the suction power depending on how you want your carpet to be cleaned.

            • Absence of swivel
The shark navigator deluxe has no swivel feature unlike some the other series. However, despite the lack of this feature, its cleaning performance cannot be dismissed.

            • Warranty
It has a five –year warranty.

How Shark Navigator Deluxe Works

The shark navigator deluxe is easy to set up. It is not the lightest neither is it the heaviest among the other models. It has a longer cord of 25 ft which is longer than those for the other models. The walls, ceilings and all the other areas that were out of reach can now be cleaned. It has rubber wheels which allow it to maneuver when cleaning without leaving spots on the floor.

Once you are done with the cleaning, the bin can be emptied by pressing a button which a door at the bottom of the unit. The shark Navigator deluxe is much better than other vacuum cleaners concerning cleaning performance.

Shark navigator deluxe vs. Rotator

Technology advancement in the world of vacuum cleaners has led the introduction of most products in the market. The navigator and the rotator are considered one of the very best among the consumers. Therefore, making a comparison among them provides which one to consider depending on the user needs and specifications.

            • Portability
This feature comes with a little more important because most people don’t enjoy carrying it around especially during cleaning. The Navigator and the rotator weigh the same weight hence bearing it has been made easy with lift –away pod.

            • The ease of use
Each vacuum cleaner has a long cord which allows cleaning of large spaces especially areas which are unreachable. This will enable you not to bend down frequently. Therefore, you don’t need to plug or unplug the unit often.

The navigator’s body is light hence less wear and tear. It also has a larger dustbin thus ease during emptying. The rotator has the upper hand compared to the navigator because of its headlights. This makes it easier to vacuum dark corners of your house.

            • Attachments and accessories
The Rotator and the navigator have crevice tools. Both models have good quality dusting brooms. The navigator has a pet power brush and a head that can be used in cleaning hard surfaces. However, the rotator has the upper hand in this category because of many accessories. Besides, a straight suction nozzle,multi-angle dusting brush, and a canister caddy. This makes most of the customers to opt for rotators.

            • The best technology
Both the rotator and the navigator works well on all types of hard surfaces and carpets. However, the rotator has improved suction when it comes to cleaning complex surfaces. It also cleans a larger surface area. The rotator has an enhanced cleaning than the navigator.

            • Price
The prices vary between the newer and older models. the shark rotator lifts away. NV752 has a seven-year warranty, and you can buy it at approximately $ 250.The shark navigator deluxe has a five-year warranty, and its market price is approximately $180.

The comparison between rotator and shark navigator deluxe

Well, which one is better between the shark navigator deluxe and the rotator. Both the vacuum cleaners are constructed and designed with craftsmanship and expertise of high quality. However, after making a comparison between the two, it is inevitable to say that the rotator has the upper hand than the shark navigators.

• It has a very long foot hose
• It has a voluminous dirt cup
• It has special pet hair brush that cleans pet hair off stairs and upholstery.
• It is reasonably priced.
• It has a strong suction with is ideal for carpets and floors.• It uses HEPA filtration
• It has a 25-foot power cord.
• It has a very extended warranty.

• No swivel steering
• It easily tips over because of the high center of gravity
• It is cumbersome to clean tall starts
• Most of them have no storage attachments.

Final verdict

If you own an average home, this upright vacuum is a perfect choice. Its large dirt cup makes it possible to clean many rooms without necessarily emptying it. Most pet owners love this vacuum cleaner because it picks up very well from the carpet and hard surfaces because of its pet hair power tool.

It is hard to use stairs because it is not that light in weight. You can opt for a lift away model though it is expensive. If you don’t mind the absence of the swivel feature and its bulkiness, then this vacuum cleaner can correctly clean your upholstery and your carpet. Therefore, I guarantee this vacuum cleaner is the best that you can buy for your home. It is cheaper and widely available in the market.

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