Why Spending Time in Nature is Good For You

There’s nothing like a break from the rat race of the city and escaping into nature is beneficial to your health and wellbeing in many different ways. Nature gives our bodies a chance to reset, focus on what matters, and put things into perspective.

Reset with Nature

There have been countless studies that tell us that nature is extremely beneficial for our health and wellness. A few highlights:

  • The sounds of nature put our nervous system in a relaxed state
  • Nature lowers our blood pressure
  • Children who regularly get outside have fewer behavioral issues
  • People who spend time in nature are less likely to need anti-depressants

Being in nature is especially beneficial for individuals recovering from addiction because it helps them focus on the world around them, rather than their cravings. When you gaze at a towering oak tree, a never-ending shore, or a mountain ready to be hiked, all of our problems feel so small.

Nature is Stress-Relieving

When we’re stressed our blood flow becomes restricted, which impacts our digestive systems, nerves, and headaches. But stepping foot into nature is a natural stress-reliever because it lowers your heart rate and helps your blood flow. Want to take your nature experience even further? Try meditating or practicing yoga in nature. This mind-body connection is hugely beneficial.

Nature Builds Up Your Immune System

Being outside helps expose your immune system to millions of different stimuli, meaning that you build up a tolerance to things like grass, dirt, sand, and dust. When we are inside all day, we limit our exposure to the world around us and living in a bubble like this can cause you to get sick more often. If you find yourself getting sick often, the answer might be to step outside and get some fresh air. Exposure to the stimuli outside will not only make you happier, but it will make you healthier, too.

Nature Restores Our Mental Energy

If you’re like most people, you spend the majority of your day staring at a computer screen, sitting down, and accomplishing tasks all day. This machine-like mentality is excellent for our professional growth but can be detrimental to our wellbeing and mindfulness. Escaping to nature puts a pause on your mental energy and gives you a chance to reset, focus on your inner strength, and give your mind a rest!

Where to Go

So you understand the importance of escaping into nature, but where should you go? There are beautiful places no matter where you live; you have to find them. Below are some resources to help you find the natural escape you need, right where you live:

  • Find a Park by the US National Park Service – This resource allows you to narrow down National Parks by your state or location.
  • Discover the Forest – This website helps you find a forest or park near you, and it also categorizes them by activity.
  • Airbnb – Surprisingly, the booking site has a lot of nature escapes for couples and families. Check out these fantastic treehouse vacations for a sampling of the fun!

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