Stay Productive with These 5 Apps

Staying productive at work and home comes as a result of being able to do more with your time. Technology companies have realized that there is a market demand for applications that provide a boost in productivity. The advent of the smartphone has enabled anyone with a mobile device, operating on a wireless network, the ability to access the internet.

This boom in mobile communications has come with a rapid development of innovation in the tech sector. Apps are available for a wide variety of tasks, from entertainment, games, translators, media players, and virtual assistants.

With so many new launches of productivity apps, selecting the trusted few that deliver on their claims could take hours of sifting through defective products. The sheer volume of apps available can be overwhelming to dig through. We decided to take the effort out of work for you and found the five best productivity apps of 2017.

#1 Pocket

Do you find yourself missing out on articles that you discarded when your attention was distracted by other tasks? Pocket allows you to store such items, and any other media pieces you may find interesting, to be viewed at a later stage. Never miss out on your favorite content with this productivity app that brings you the information you need on-demand.

#2 Soda PDF

PDF’s are the world’s most popular file format. Keep the full functionality of a PDF suite available on your mobile phone, without the hassle of storing the entire file in your memory. Soda PDF has a complete PDF solution that allows you to complete the most challenging PDF tasks like formatting page numbers, right on your phone, with no hassle at all.

#3 Time Tracker

Do you need to manage your time you spend online? Install this app to help you track your online activities. Time Tracker will issue you with a daily or weekly report on the websites you have visited each day and the amount of time you spent on the site. You can use this information to change your browsing habits and improve your productivity online.

#4 Basecamp

Do you work with a team? Use Basecamp to get more out of your project management. This collaboration tool features an easy-to-use user-friendly dashboard that lets you navigate between separate projects and update team members of any changes to deadlines or milestones. Create to-do-lists and manage campaigns all with the help of this handy collaboration tool.

#5 Evernote

If you are the type of person that has ideas on the run, then Evernote is the ideal app for you. Evernote will store all of you sketches, memos, and notes on the cloud and then sync them to all of your other devices, enabling you to work on the idea later.

The Final Word

Finding a user-friendly and efficient app that saves you time and improves your collaboration with colleagues is worth its bytes in gold. Give these five a try and let your team know about them as well. If you are quick to execute on implementing their functionality, you could be well on your way to improving the productivity of you and your team by the end of the week.

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