Hit the Bullseye every time with these Great Strength and Conditioning Exercises

Archery is a sport that involves lots of skills coming into play. One needs to have good hand-eye coordination, heightened concentration levels and a degree of mental toughness. Thus, incorporating physical conditioning into the mix can only help one become a better archer.

Archers can attest to the addictive nature of the sport, once one gets the hang of things, downing the bow and arrow is almost impossible. Exercises that objectively aim to (pun intended) increase strength and stamina levels are ideal because they allow one to have a greater degree of control over their shots. Ultimately, this results in the ability to shoot longer. Since one derives great pleasure from archery, this means that one can get to enjoy themselves more if they are able to keep going over extended periods of time.

Bow Hunting needs one to have adequate strength in the shoulders, back, glutes, core, and lats. We’ve analyzed a couple of fantastic strength and conditioning exercises that help one maximize their archery performance.

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

This exercise helps strengthen the rhomboid and arm muscles to ensure that one is able to draw arrows from the bow with great ease. In addition, the single arm dumbbell row helps one shoot over longer distances and helps increase the draw weight.

To get started with the exercise, one needs to lean over and place their arms atop a flat bench and try to keep their back as close to and parallel to the ground. Using the freehand, grab one of the dumbbells and hold with the arm extended out.

To maintain good postural alignment, one needs to pull the dumbbell up towards the ribs then lower it slowly until the arm is fully extended. Once that’s done, one needs to redo the process, only this time with an arm interchange. Then, repeat for about 8 to 12 reps. Importantly, breaks can be taken for about 60 seconds before one repeats 1 to t2 more sets.

Dumbbell Side Raise

While it’s true that it’s not necessary for one to have strong shoulders in orders to be considered a great archer, increasing the shoulder strength can help one stabilize their bow. Doing this exercise helps one achieve stronger shoulders whilst ensuring that they are more mobile and balanced than ever before. Dumbbell side raises are considered the best unilateral exercises to help ensure that the shoulders stay strong and healthy.

To do the exercise, one needs to stand in an upright position with two dumbbells in hand. The knees also need to be slightly bent in order to ensure that the back stays straight and the shoulders are well-reclined back.

The dumbbells need to be slightly bent at the elbows, then, each of the dumbbells is raised until they become parallel to the floor. Finally, return slowly to the initial position. The move needs to be repeated for 8-12 reps, with 60-second reps between additional 1or 2 sets.