The Day of Making and Spreading Love :: Happy Valentines Day

After celebrating the six romantic days of the Valentine’s, here we come up with the most awaited day of the month and the year: The Valentine’s day. As it is said, the week is for the lovers and the day is for the partners, this implies that the ones who have newly found their love celebrate the minuscule days of this week whereas the ones who have found their true love and have passed their relationship from all these small stages celebrate the most important and significant day, popularly called as the Valentine’s day. Get the Valentines Day Images Now.
The love is the purest form of feelings one can have. Be it the mother’s love for her child or the daughter’s love for her father or a grandmother’s love for his grandson, each form is so sanctimonious that it doesn’t need any description as a proof. But the romance is that form of love a girl has seeing his partner, as desperate as the butterflies flying in the stomach and as beautiful as the gossamer wings of the firefly. This romance starts with the initial stages of infatuation and culminates up to develop the ever-lasting bond between the lovers. This day signifies this imperishable bond of two loving souls.
This day is popular not just amongst the cheesy-lovers but for all the people who are in love, irrespective of the age they are in. The old couples, maybe our grandparents or our great-grandparents too acknowledge their love on these special days of their lives. One hardly gets a chance to beautifully intricate their feelings through words and gifts. A day like this gives us an equally fair chance to depict our feelings through the materialistic things. One might go a thousand mile with his or her life partner but the essence of a relationship is definitely measured in the times when they are beside each other.
Truly said, the length of the journey is not which counts, it is the time and beauty of the journey passes that counts. To add the true pinch of how your love journey crafts out in your lives, one should never miss a chance to shower the love on the other one. You can be pretty busy but to stand and ponder over your lives for a second makes you realize the importance of your loved ones. And to accept the feeling of contentment and gratitude you have for your partner is all this day is about. To celebrate the relation we have with our partner is the whole crux of Valentine’s celebrations. Download Valentines Day Photos
The whole world is mad about this day and it is truly evident from the craze in the social media (the plethora of trolls and messages being poured down once your scroll down the facebook and Instagram sites ), decorations in the malls (the massive bounties being hung down everywhere from wide streets in the markets to the huge malls with decorative chandeliers), depicting the enthusiasm one has for this day.
Not only the youngsters celebrate it with full fervor but the middle-aged and even the old couples are tended to make the most out of this day seeing the younger generations’ intensity and energy towards this day. This is why we say love has no boundaries and sees no limits. No wonder why this day is special amongst all of us..!!

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