The Future of Washing Machine Technology is here

Though there is no doubt that washing machines have evolved over the years, technology is something that does not stay stagnant but move from one level to another and the same also applies to washing machine too. In this article we will have a look at the changing needs and situations which might give a new look as far as the future of washing machine technology is concerned. Necessity is the mother of all invention. As this proverb aptly puts it, even in washing machines, there are quite modern day situations that are forcing new technologies to be tried out. Let us have a look at the same over the next few lines.

First and foremost it is very important to understand that one of the biggest challenges today for many of us who are living in urban areas is lack of water. Hence when they think about washing machines they would always look for something that can help save water. Whether it is front load washer or top loading one, there is no doubt that saving on water is becoming the biggest priority. Towards this objective there is no doubt that technology might have already found the answer. These are now being referred to as waterless washing machines and they could be next generation washing machine revolution.

These washing machines when they actually come into the market will work on nylon beads. The beads are positively charged. The technology if and when it becomes a reality might literally transform washing machine technology. The beads get attached to the dirt and stains and remove them as the washing machine rotates. When the washing detergents are used in combination with these beads, they perform the role of catalyst in removing dirt and grime from clothes. The operational methodology is also quite simple. The beads come in the form of cartridges and they have to be loaded into the washing machine along with just 1 glass of water and detergents. The job of washing gets done and the water gets drained off.

As of today it might look impossible to imagine that washing machines could wash clothes clean with just one glass of water. However, technology is certainly moving in this direction and the day will not be far off when we will well and truly be having a washing machine with the 6th sense technology. We never know about a century ago that we will be washing clothes in machines and hence we should not also be surprised if few years down the line we will be washing clothes in one glass of water.

There are quite obviously a number of advantages and benefits as far as these new generation machines are concerned. As explained above, saving on water is perhaps the biggest reason why these machines will become a major hit a few years or even decades down the line. Further these machines are without any doubt suitable both for conventional cleaning as well as dry cleaning. Consumption of energy could also be reduced quite significantly and according to estimates these machines could on energy costs by more than 40% or even more in many cases.

The drying processes are also quite better when compared to other conventional machines. This is basically because of the reason that water consumption is very minimal. Since water consumption is almost negligible these machines play a big role in keeping the environment clean and green. This is possible because polluting agents and detergent foam and chemicals are not discharged in the public sewerage systems. It has also been proven that when these new generation machines are used, the overall life of fabrics and clothes also increase quite significantly. This is because of use of very little water and also a much easier and convenient drying process.

The beads that are used for washing the machines could be considered expensive by many. However, this should be looked again the background of the fact that the beads have long life. The beads on a rough estimate can be used for more than 100 times. This certainly is great news and they well and truly offer excellent value for money. Last but not the least the costs of these machines are also not very exorbitant when compared to the conventional machines.

Hence when all the above points are taken into account there are many reasons to believe that they are one of the best possible inventions as far as modern day technology is concerned. However, on the flip side there are some areas where the customers might have some inhibitions. First and foremost it is a relatively new technology and it has been tested on actual ground conditions only very sporadically. Hence, there needs to be wider trials of the products and different climatic and other conditions.

Further the concept of using beads to clean clothes is something that is very alien to many customers. Therefore there are bound to be many questions being asked. Educating the customers and making them comfortable with this unique and but totally new concept is bound to take some time and effort. These machines might also make more aggressive and efficient use of computer software and therefore may have some new gadgets and operating systems. This again will be very for customers and therefore there is the need to regularly keep the informed and educated.

Hence taking the above into account there are a number of reasons to believe that, some tough ground situations like scarcity of water, pollution of environment, high energy cost, ease of use, ease of ironing and pressing and other such things will certainly push more and more people towards new generation washing machines. Lack of time and the need to have totally automated washing machines that can be preset with timers would also become the norm of the day. While we might try and put a full stop to this latest, bead-based washing technology, future requirements and needs might push mankind to look at newer and more efficient methods of washing. Therefore one should not be surprised even if better options and ways of washing clothes on a daily basis emerge from the shadows.

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