The Magnificent Living Masterpiece: The Great Barrier Reef

No words or images are enough to justify the diversity and richness of the magnificent living masterpiece: The Great Barrier Reef. The iconic feature of this natural wonder can be truly categorized by the fact that one can swim, glass-bottom boat, take a scenic flight, scuba-dive, jet-ski, sail and snorkel to completely immerse oneself in gigantic beauty of the world’s largest coral reef system. Leaving behind the Great Wall of China, this is the only living thing which can be viewed from the outer space. That is why it is able to make space in the list of seven natural wonders of the world.

To quote, many tourists have embarked a totally unique, insightful journey through the past, present and future of the mighty Great Barrier Reef. Their accounts of travel can easily compel anyone, even the ones with water fright to pack up their bags and head towards this stupendous natural wonder.  

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The largest living structure, the Great Barrier Reef stretches more than 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) of islands and submerged reefs along the Queensland coastline. One can travel three different time zones to complete its vast expanse, ranging from shallow estuaries to deep oceanic waters.  Now that’s pretty interesting. After all, the contents of one’s bucket list are never so easygoing. You should also see this list of new 7 wonders of the world.

To roughly estimate the area of the reef, one can state that it is bigger than the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Holland combined together. Whoa..!!  But that’s not all. The most breathtaking factor about the Great Barrier Reef (now referred to as GBR) is about the green vegetation and aqua marine life; it includes a plethora of coral including 500 species of worms, more than 600 types of soft and hard corals, more than 100 species of jellyfish, 2900 varieties of crustaceans, 1622 types of fish, 129 varieties of sharks and rays, more than 30 species of giant whales and dolphins, and a great abundance of sponges, dugongs, anemones, marine worms. It provides habitat to those remarkable species which are nearly moving towards extinction. Other underwater attractions thriving here are those which one is hardly aware of: giant clams, and sweep of parrotfish, surgeonfish, barracuda, and sharks in different shapes, sizes and colors. That again accounts to its awe-inspiring natural beauty. 

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The colorful water bed makes the most spectacular underwater experience possible for a water-sport and adventure lover. Experiences like semi-submersibles, cruise ship tours, whale watching and company with dolphins can surely rule out the possibility of aqua phobia, if any. No wonder, it attracts thousands of tourists, generating over $3 billion annually. Hence being categorized as one of the world’s most sought after destinations. The notable places one couldn’t resist to miss are: Whitsunday Islands, The Daintree Rainforest, Magnetic Island, Mission Beach, Port Douglas, Airlie Beach  and the Magnetic Island.  One could island-hop or stay in the exquisite beach spots, burning a hole in one’s pocket. *chuckles* The great scenic beauty and adventurous life in and around GBR is what makes us ponder about the places still left to be toured in one’s life.  

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One can completely drown in its incredibly rich habitat, swim in the warm turquoise waters, breathe in the golden sun-kissed beaches and experience all the spectacular destinations and vast marine life. It will totally redefine one’s thought about paradise.

“The heavens declare the glory of the god, the waters proclaim the work of his.”

Owing to its calmness none can be reluctant to believe in the existence God. These creations itself brings one to wonder HIS lordly gifts to the mankind.

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