The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

If you’re looking for a place to live, or have lived in more than one location, you already know that not all cities were created equal. There’s so much to take into consideration; architecture, culture, food, job opportunities, but also – the cost. Opinions on what the most expensive city is vary – Moscow, some are saying. No, it’s Singapore, counter others. Well, there’s no more need to wonder – we have a definitive list of places where costs run high – like utilities, rent, shopping, services, and taxes – and wages just can’t keep up. Have a look at these New 7 Seven Wonders of the World

New York

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  • New York
  • Zurich
  • Geneva
  • Oslo
  • London
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Copenhagen
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo

New York -The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

New York topping this list comes as a surprise to no one. Widely considered to be the capital of the world, it’s only normal that this kind of status comes with high prices. With its unique skyline, Broadway and Wall Street, and over 50 million tourists a year, NYC is the most exciting city in the world. One of the biggest gripes any New Yorker is sure to mention are the insane rent prices. Even compared to other top US cities like Los Angeles, the New York real estate market is off the charts. The average monthly rent, at over $3000, is around double what it costs in other major cities. Not to mention that finding a decent apartment, at any price, is an amazing feat. The expense of owning a car is huge, but luckily you don’t need it as public transport is excellent. Also there are some attractions that you can do on a budget.


Zurich -The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

The first of the two Swiss cities on this list, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. The elegant, efficiently run city surrounded by the Alps and Lake Zurich is considered one of the best in the world when it comes to the quality of life. The Swiss have long been famous for their wealth and stability, and such opulence has its price. When the Swiss unpegged their currency, the franc from euro, its price soared and dragged up the cost of living with it. When it comes to prices, everything is expensive here: food, drinks, shopping, rent. Watch this Beautiful Natural Wonder :: Mount Everest


Geneva -The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

The second Swiss city on the list is the second most populous in the country. With a population of only 200 000, Geneva is by far the smallest city on this list, but its influence is extremely significant. The reason? Geneva is the European seat of the UN, and numerous other international organizations. In some respects, it is even more expensive than Zurich. Let’s just mention that a loaf of bread will set you back an incredible 7 euro. Enough said? Watch out the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World


Oslo- The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

The Norwegian capital, and the center of its trade, transport and culture, is the most expensive of the Scandinavian cities – all known for their great standard of living, but also high prices. Housing and food are pricey, as is public transport. However, the Scandinavians do take care of their quality of life, so a lot of cultural institutions, like museums, have no admission fee. Tour the Seven (7) Natural Wonders of the World


London -The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

Once de facto capital of the western civilization, London has kept its grandeur and cosmopolitanism to this very day. The bustling hub of diversity, culture, fashion, art, politics and business, London sees millions of tourists every year. No wonder it’s been hovering around the top of these kinds of lists forever. As much as Britain’s island status and its currency – the pound – add to its charm, they add to the prices as well. Food, especially in restaurants, but in supermarkets and markets as well, and clothing come at exorbitant prices. See the Wonder of the World that is Visible from Moon :: The Great Wall of China

Hong Kong

Hong Kong -The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

One of the world’s largest commercial centers and ports in the world, Hong Kong boasts a stunning skyline, incredible food, and any product even the most imaginative of minds could dream up. While some of the world’s cheapest goods are sold, and shipped worldwide from this metropolis, there is nothing cheap about living there. The rent prices are unparalleled – a two-bedroom apartment in a regular neighborhood will set you back almost $7000. Drinks in Hong Kong cost approximately twice as much as elsewhere in the world. See Beautiful TAJ MAHAL :: One of the New 7 Wonders of the World


Singapore -The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

The affluent Lion City seems like heaven on earth. The island city state is truly a lap of luxury, and an amazing architectural and technological feat of modern society. Taxes are low, incomes are high, and 90% of the population own their own homes. The only drawback? It consistently ranks as one of the priciest places on the planet. Transport and the cost of buying and owning a car are three times higher than in New York. Clothes and utilities will also cost you more here than anywhere else. There is an Indian food market in Singapore where you can taste these Amazing Street Foods of India


Copenhagen -The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

The Danish capital joins the ranks of Europe’s costliest locales. One of the most beautiful Nordic cities, Copenhagen is edgy, artistic, colorful, worldly, and just intrinsically cool. It makes sense that the hippest location in northern Europe would have prices to match its reputation. The burgeoning restaurant scene is exciting, but food and drink prices are extremely steep.


Sydney -The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

The gorgeous capital of the land down under has made an appearance on the list thanks to the strength of the Australian dollar. While Sydney is heavenly – right on the coast, with breathtaking beaches, a vibrant cultural scene and stunning architecture, it’s hardly what you would call affordable. As in most of the cities on this list, rent and utilities tend to be one of the main culprits. A lot of people, especially the young, tend to find flatmates in Australia, to cut the costs as much as they can.


Tokyo -The Most Expensive Cities in the World to Live in

Tokyo metropolis, one of the biggest and most densely populated places on the planet is nothing if not fascinating. Perhaps it’s the constant threat of earthquakes and the insistence of the Japanese to spite this looming menace and build ever higher, newer, more impressive structures, that makes Tokyo so fascinating. The technology, the Japanese idiosyncrasies, the rivers of people – they all make the city look like a science fiction movie. With so many people crammed into a comparatively small piece of land, real estate prices are, naturally, through the roof. However, transportation is reasonable, and food prices vary. Do not miss these  Top 10 HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS in INDIA

While these cities are very expensive, they also offer excellent job opportunities, great cultural events and all-around quality of life. Certainly worth the price!


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