The Most Worth Seeing Gardens in Japan

Are you looking for a tranquil space that will make you exhilarated and uplifted with just a simple stroll? Japan has the answer! Japan is known not only for the motorcycle brands as Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki but also by the beautiful natural scenery and romantic gardens. I have been in Japan for only one week, which appears not enough to discover the most famous gardens in this beautiful country!

If you love Oriental architecture, you may also like the gardens I visited on my vacation. Most of them are made with art level designed to encourage meditation thus will provide you a spiritual experience.

As a rider, hiring a motorbike to move around is the way I chose while in Japan. With the right protective gear and a good helmet, I started exploring the beauty and uniqueness of the Japanese gardens.

Kenroku-en, Kanazawa

Kenroku-en Garden

It is considered the most famous garden in Japan. It was founded in the backdrop of Kanazawa Castle in 1620. It boasts of a fountain, an 18th-century tea house, a stone bridge and a pagoda. Besides, Kenroku-en is also renowned for its combination of the elements of seclusion and spaciousness. You will see the garden from anywhere on the grounds since it is arranged out with the theme of continuous space.

This is truly a good example of the beautiful Japanese gardening art. Kenroku-en garden is the best place to be if you are looking for a peaceful stroll!

Kairaku-en, Mito

Kairaku-en, Mito

It was established in 1841 and is considered the “young one” of the three great gardens of Japan. It has hundreds of cherry blossoms of different colors. These colors start blossoming in spring creating a spectacular landscape. This garden has also many plum trees. I recommend you visit the garden in the plum blossom season and enjoy the magnificent shades of the garden.

Kairaku-en has a historical as well as a cultural significance to Japan. You can go there in spring season when the garden is beautiful the most. This is the time when the sakura starts to blossom making the garden to be lovely.

Koraku-en, Okayama

Koraku-en Garden, Okayama

It is arguably one of the greatest gardens of all time in Japan alongside Kenrouko-en and Kairaku-en. Being founded in 1700, it was established on the banks of river Aashi. It boasts of a beautiful scenery which is accompanied with tea houses, hills, streams and even ponds. Koraku-en is well known for the renowned vibrant colors year round.

This is a must see attraction. After all Koraku-en garden is among the greatest and famous gardens of all time! Besides, the garden enjoys vibrant colors all year round making it appropriate to go anytime.

Ryoan-Ji Temple, Kyoto

Ryoan-Ji Temple, Kyoto

This is without doubts one of the most famous Zen gardens made up of 15 stones. These stones are placed on the peddles. Besides, being beautiful, this rock garden helps one to concentrate during meditation.

It is truly beautiful, and a peaceful haven! The temples make the gardens look exciting!

The garden has temples which are listed as great World Heritage Sites. Besides, John Cage named his famous creation after visiting this garden.

Shugakuin Imperial Villa, Kyoto

Shugakuin Imperial Villa, Kyoto

This garden is founded on the hills. It has a spacious imperial villa. Its location on the hills allows for excellent panoramic views of the city. Besides, it is surrounded by beautiful, spacious walkways and also tranquil ponds which make the experience exciting!

These spacious walkways will allow you to move easily and enjoy all the beautiful sceneries around the garden. However, you will have to be with a tour guide since it is forbidden to wander independently. This is an official imperial property.

Rikugien Garden, Tokyo

Rikugien Garden, Tokyo

This is arguably the best and the most beautiful garden in the capital of Japan. It was built in 1700 and nicknamed the “Six Poems Garden.” The name is given to the fact that it reproduces scenes from the famous poems of Japan. The garden has huge ponds which surround the hills. Aside from, there is the web of trails encompassing the garden.

It is the perfect getaway in the busy city of Tokyo. Besides, numerous maple trees are covering the garden into a bright leafage in every autumn making the place beautiful.

Adachi Museum of Art Garden, Yasugi

Adachi Museum of Art Garden, Yasugi

This garden surrounds the Adachi museum of art which has an immense collection of Japanese modern art. Besides, the garden also attracts lots of attention and is considered one of the best Japanese garden by many gardening magazines in Japan. I highly recommend visiting this garden since you will not only explore the beauties of the garden but also the collection of artistic works in the museum.

Going to this garden in Adachi Museum of Art, you will win twice. You will not only explore the beautiful parks of the garden but also the art collections inside the museum.

End words

There are also a lot of the other exciting destinations you can visit in Japan. However, If you love nature and stillness then the above list is certainly on the top of the most beautiful attractions that you shouldn’t miss. There is so much to see here. Have fun!

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