Things To Do in NYC at Night

Planning a holiday in the Big Apple can be fun, as New York City is known for their buzzing nightlife. There is so much to do there, at night. Below is a list of just a few.

What to Do in New York City

You can walk the Brooklyn Bridge

This is a tourist attraction that sees many people on the bridge until 9 or 10pm daily. However, the bridge is open 24-hours a day, if you want to visit any later. From the bridge you will be able to see the statue of liberty and 360-degree skyline views.

Visit a skyscraper observation deck

There are about three different ones that you can visit, each opened until very late at night: Empire State Building, Top of the Rock and One World Trade Centre Observatory.

Sports Events

Throughout the year you can watch sports events at night in NYC. Games like Ice Hockey, Baseball, Football, and Tennis are played at night.

Take a Night Walking Tour

These are available from March – November and during December a special tour is done. Places of interest include: Midnight Manhattan, 911 Memorial and Brooklyn Bridge, Ghost Tours and Dark Side of the High Line.

Catch the Night Bus

You can hire a night bus to take you around the town, and usually have a tour guide on board. There are many night busses to choose from.

Take a cruise

What better way to enjoy NYC than a beautiful night cruise? You will find many options to choose from depending on your preference: it could be a jazz cruise, Cruise around the Statue of Liberty or even a dinner cruise.

Have Dinner

There are many restaurants that offer dinner specials along will reviews from satisfied clients. You will find a list online and can use this as a guide to eating at a great spot in town.


One of the best times to visit a museum or attraction is at night. They are always opened until late at night and may even be free to enter.

Broadway Show

You can spend your evening watching a Broadway show, and you may even find discounted tickets online.

Attend a TV show taping

You can visit a TV show taping absolutely free, hopefully for one of your favourite shows. Shows like The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tape live at night.

Time Square

You may want to take a walk-through Times Square where it is buzzing with energy and bright lights. They also have something called Midnight Moment which showcases the world’s largest digital art exhibition.

Grand Central

Walk through Grand Central and enjoy the scenic celestial ceilings and stunning gallery. At night is the perfect time to visit as it is a hive of activity.

Plan your trip around These ideas

As you can see, NYC is the perfect place to be at night. There is no shortage of things you can do, most of which are affordable, if not free.


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