Tips That Will Make Your Lawn The Best In The Neighborhood

Lawn care enhances the aesthetic of a lawn which in turn increases property value, contributes to community pride, and also complements other plants on the landscape. However, more importantly, healthy lawns have been proven to impact positively on the environment which enhances the quality of life for the people around the lawn. A lawn is a source of oxygen when the plants respire and sufficient oxygen improves the quality of air. Besides the direct benefits such as fresh air, a beautiful lawn increases the quality of the outdoor space. Your family will feel relaxed when they get out to sit in the beautiful environment nor just by seeing it through the windows. A relaxed mid has direct translation into a healthy body and life.

Other technical benefits that accrue from lawn care include controlled erosion due to deep and firm root system that is established. Also, the water that percolates into a soil covered by vegetation is purified hence a cleaner and healthier sub surface. A clean and healthy subsurface prevents blowing of dust particles and harboring insects that cause allergies which are responsible for breathing problems. Breathing problems becomes even worse if the neighborhood gets crowded and stuffy. However, well maintained lawns can trap dust and purify the air. Well maintained grass can cool the air which will greatly help with the electricity bills during the summer. Having said that, you have all the reasons to make sure that your lawn is well taken care of.

Table of Contents

  • 1 What to Look Out For
  • 2 Lawn Care Treatments Tips
    • 2.1 · Mowing
    • 2.2 · Killing the moss
    • 2.3 · Feeding
    • 2.4 · Over-seeding
    • 2.5 · Watering
  • 3 Conclusion

What to Look Out For

For your lawn to maintain its vigor, you will need to feed it. While feeding your lawn, there are number of things you need to look out for to ensure that you are actually feeding your lawn, not other organism and vegetation. You will need to look out for pests and diseases which can devoid your lawn the nutrients it needs to blossom and use appropriate means to eliminate them.

Lawns grow little during the winter but picks up when the weather begins to warm up. During this time, you can care for your lawn by seeding the areas that have been damaged either by the weather or pests and diseases.

Lawn Care Treatments Tips

· Mowing

Mowing is an obvious but very important maintenance task to be undertaken on your lawn regardless of the weather season. Mowing needs to be an easy and enjoyable work. Since it is something you will be doing regularly, you need the best lawn mower for your lawn. Otherwise, you will not be motivated to care for your lawn as frequent as required. More discussion on the best lawn mower will be discussed later in this article.

· Killing the moss

Moss can be kept off a lawn by keeping it healthy. Moss commonly grows on poorly drained and damp lawns. However, it is possible and easy to deal with moss in case it takes over your lawn. First, you will need to kill it using moss killer and then deal with conditions that promote its growth. For instance, increase the grass vigor. Contributory factors such as soil acidity, drainage, shade, soil erosion, and close mowing also need to be checked. If moss becomes a constant headache due to factors that cannot be changed such as shed, you can consider grass alternatives.

· Feeding 

Feeding your lawn is responsible for increased vigor and early prevention of weed growth. You can feed your lawn using the appropriate summer or spring fertilizers in the proportions prescribed by the manufacturers. You should apply fertilizer to your lawn when the rains are expected or when the soil is moist. You will also need to observer the seasons while applying the fertilizers so that winter does not find leafy growth as they will be destroyed and cause dampness.

· Over-seeding

After removing weeds and moss, you will notice that the lawns grass will get sparsely distributed. Also, there may be parts that naturally grow slowly or poorly. Lawns with sparse grass do not have great aesthetics. Therefore, you will be required to over-seed the sparse areas. The over seeding procedure is simpler that first time planting. You are required to break the soil, rake it to obtain a fine surface and then sow the seeds in recommended proportions. You can light rake to make sure the seeds are incorporated in the soil. For dry regions, you can sprinkle water gently on the lawn for three days.

· Watering

During summer, the lawn normally turn brown but recovers when the rains come back. However, if you do not want your lawn to become dry and brown, you can water it. You should water the lawn when the soil is dry. This should be done before the grass dries up. Because the soil is likely to be hard during the summer, you can spike it with a garden fork before watering to facilitate water penetration.

You must ensure the water reaches 4 inches deep after watering. Watering on a weekly basis is sufficient to maintain a green lawn.

As we have seen, lawn care is not a difficult task. However, it calls for commitment and dedication. The lawn care tips are not daily or more frequent practices but they are labor intensive when undertaken. The only practice that is frequent especially when the lawn is growing fast is mowing. Therefore, you will need to have the best zero turn mower so that besides mowing with ease, you can do it as fast as possible and move on to the next activity. Unlike the traditional front wheel steering machines, the zero turn mower uses rear wheels to steer. It cuts so close to obstacles that you will be required to do very little or no after mowing trimming. The zero turn lawn mowers pivot at 180 degrees without leaving any uncut circles.


A typical zero turn lawn mower has all the rear wheels linked to a hydrostatic transmission which gives the mower aggressive maneuverability. Now, finding the best zero turn lawn mower is relative. Different people define the term the best’ differently. Some people will look for the top rated mowers while others will be out to get the best-selling. Of course, there is no single lawn mower that will possess all characteristics you are looking for. Some lawn mowers are noisy but robust. Similarly, you will come across silent but delicate mowers that need too much care and maintenance. The choice here lies with you as the purchaser. You may have to forego some aspects you want to end up with essential ones. All in all, you need to end up with something you will be proud to own and worth your money.

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