Tips To Get Your Car Ready For A Summer

During summer, most of the schools are out, and the vacation plans tend to be uncounted. Most people will be planning to take a road trip both short and long. Which means getting your truck in shape for the short or long road trip. Here are some great tips that will make your summer road trip enjoyable and out of trouble.

Oil Change Time

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  • Oil Change Time
  • Evaluate The Tires
  • Check The Lubricants And Other Fluids
  • Check If Your AC Is In Good Working Shape
  • Make Water Available
  • Clean Your Car Up Thoroughly
  • Put The Car Carpets In Place
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Synthetic oil is the way to go!

I change my oil two times annually, in the fall and spring; however, summer is a great time to inspect your oil levels and grab some fresh quarts in there for the maximum hot weather and long-range engine protection.

The synthetic oil is the best. Despite that the synthetic oil is expensive, it is better than the old-fashioned stuff.


Evaluate The Tires

The oil changes are just a great excuse to take a careful look at the tires. They might be rated for forty thousand miles, but the wear can differ, especially if you forget to rotate them on schedule.

You are mainly looking out for tread wear, a great rule of thumb is that in case your thread even looks worn out, to an extent where you get worried whether sufficient traction will be offered, then zip by your expert mechanic for a quick evaluation.

When you are at it, tell your mechanic to examine your brakes pads, drums, and rotors for to see if you are required to replace some or just all of these items.

Check The Lubricants And Other Fluids

Your breaks are thirsty!

Your truck has other liquids other than water and oil fluid which require some thorough checkups. Coolant, power steering fluid, the transmission fluid, and brake fluid need an occasional gander.

And do not forget the lube. Liftgates, doors, yep and so on all require a bit of grease to work smoothly as well as quietly.

Check If Your AC Is In Good Working Shape

Your truck’s air conditioning is a complicated system which requires keeping everyone cool as the mercury outside rises and your truck itself increases in temperature.

Its components require the once over each summer, and you require to ensure that the system is in good working shape. Get the condenser, the coolant and the belts checked by your dealer or your mechanic.


Make Water Available

A summer breakdown might strand you for some few hours on a hot highway; hence, it is always a great idea to update the emergency kit with some extra water.

It is advisable to always toss a couple of bottles with water into your car and leave them there for the purpose of the hottest months. The water in your care should be strictly for emergencies.

Clean Your Car Up Thoroughly

Clean it well!

If you have been doing a major cleanup, out and inside, since winter gives way to spring then summer, now is the correct time to consider making your vehicle looking immaculate through a process called detailing.

You may end up using around a hundred dollars, but it worth it. You have to leave it with a detailing service or a full-service car wash or a few hours and get it back thoroughly cleaned.

The detailing packages include a thorough exterior cleaning as well as buff-wax; hence, your car comes back looking fresh and clean.

Put The Car Carpets In Place

Do not forget to place the car carpet in place in your truck. The carpets are important since in case you have kids, they may end up throwing or spilling some stuff under the car. The carpets will play a great role in preventing your car from being dirtied since the carpets can be removed and washed.



Preparing your car before engaging in a road trip during summer is always a good idea. The preparation will help you minimize some of the negative challenges that you might experience during the short or long road trip.

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