Top 10 Quick FAT Burning Exercises, Must-Do!

You want to lose weight but don’t have time to go to the gym? Don’t worry, here is the list of top 10 quick fat burning exercises which anyone can do very easily. See, we all know exercise is very essential and important for our health, but when you are on the weight loss agenda it even becomes more important.

Basically, exercises directly target your multiple muscle, burn calories and revive your metabolism. If you feel harder to do it in starting then, always remember that with each step you will get closer to your target.

10 Quick FAT Burning Exercises

On the other hand, There are many ways to reduce fat naturally, but one of the most famous one is taking forskolin which is a chemical found in the forskohlii root and very beneficial in reducing fat from the body.  It is also easily available in the form of capsules.

Below mentioned are some of the best and top 10 quick fat burning exercises that everyone must do:

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  • Below mentioned are some of the best and top 10 quick fat burning exercises that everyone must do:
    • Lunges
    • Goblet squat
    • Lifting weights
    • Barbell squat
    • Burpees
    • Dumbbell skier swings
    • Running
    • Pilates side plank
    • Double Jump
    • Dumbbell farmer’s walk


Lunges are the one of the famous and most commonly used exercise to burn fat. There are many variations to in this, but the most effective one is plain jane forward lunge as it works  on multiple muscles at a same time to burn the maximum amount of calories. For this, simply stand tall with feet hip width apart and place hands on your hips and take step forward with your legs one by one.

Goblet squat

This is the other one in the category of the best ones. It includes front loading of the weight which allows you to keep your trunk upright. It further takes the stress from your spine and your thighs work more. For this, all you need is dumbbell.

Lifting weights

Weight lifting is the other quick fat burning exercise. It also leads to a feeling of satisfaction and well being due to the release of endorphin, caused by the high intensity activity. Further, it will also build a good foundation for all other daily routine activities.

Barbell squat

Another best in the list is barbell squat. Just firmly plant your feet on the floor with shoulder width apart and do a racked barbell slowly on the upper portion of your back. Now, one foot outside the shoulder and step outwards from the barbell rack.


This is the other superb exercise that effectively targets the core of your legs and chest at the same time. You can feel the burn which makes you clear that you are building lots of lean muscle. For this, you have just stand with your feet shoulder width apart by keeping your hands wide.

Dumbbell skier swings

This exercise requires your feet to be closer so that weight don’t hit your thighs. Further, it will also help you to lose fat as much as running do and that too without stressing all the joints. On top of that, it also builds muscles and stimulates your metabolism.


Running is the easiest exercise that can be done at any location. You just need a pavement and a pair of shoes. Further, with running you can burn a good amount of calories in less span of time.

Pilates side plank

Side planks are also very helpful in reducing weight  and it specifically targets your thighs. This exercise requires strength and coordination of your entire body to hold up the base of side plank. For this, you just have to lie down on the side with your feet stacked. Now, prop up your lower body in the right direction, pressing your shoulder down but away from the neck.

Double Jump

Double jump is a fun exercise to burn fat. Just take your traditional lunge and jump together. It will increase your heart rate and you will feel sweat and burn in your legs and butt. So, you have to jump, but in lunge position.

Dumbbell farmer’s walk

Last but not the least is dumbbell farmer’s walk. See, walking is one of the best, easiest and the oldest way to keep your body fit and energetic. Now, you can add some weight to that walk and this will build muscle and burn fat from your body.

So, these are top 10 quick fat burning exercises which will help you to reduce weight in even short span of time.

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