Top 10 Travel Apps for an Unforgettable Vacation Trip

We all love our vacations and holidays to be as stress-free as possible. Be it on a honeymoon trip, a family vacation or even on a business trip, things should run as expected. Everything from tourist guides, scenic sites, trails to hotel and restaurant finders and more can be found. This is why we have gone ahead and searched some of the best travel apps that will accompany you, making your vacation seamless and enjoyable.

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You must install these 10 travel Apps on your smart phone during your vacation to make your vacation an unforgettable trip

1. Google Maps

Google maps app is arguably one of the best when it comes to mapping services. For anyone travelling in cities, Google maps provide superb transit directions that are pretty much unparalleled. Additionally, this mapping app also provide other directions in general showing you different trails, even when you are driving on your own without a travel guide.

2. Gate Guru

Trip Advisor’s latest app acquisition aims to fix the hectic experienced on the last minute travel especially on the day you are making your way from home to the airport. The App features Flight board, which gives you real-time data of the airport that you plan on flying from or into. This helps you to spot delays in flight and also get the gate information even before you arrive. It covers up to 214 airports in U.S, Europe, Canada, Asia and ten airports in Australia.

3. Foursquare

This travel app provides you with check-in service and it’s full of tips and tidbits from locals of your destination. For e.g.:- If you are spending an evening in London and you want to taste some Thai delicacies, this App cannot only tell you what places are the best but also give you additional information such as the ratings, tips and operational hours. If you are on vacation and want to discover and explore new sites to see and new places to eat, this is probably one of the best apps to have.

4. Triplt

This is basically an entire trip organizer housed under one roof. Triplt comes with free versions that can greatly help you to stay organized and also in a pro version which includes more features such as notifications, tracking of frequent flier miles and many more. This app also gives you an email address where to forward all your plans to incase you don’t want to enter things manually. It then auto-fills and populates everything else for you, making it an ideal app for seasoned travelers that just need a better solution for keeping the itineraries.

5. 645 Pro MK

The best camera on a vacation is the one you have on your phone and this app works the way a camera works giving you the ability to get that perfect shot on your vacation. It gives you access to all the settings under your phone’s camera, including shutter speed readings and ISO, so you can compose the best memorable photos. The 645 Pro also emulates the classic film types with its film modes, configurable timer for that perfect selfie and many more features.

6. Yahoo! Weather

This is a simple weather app that provides you with in-depth weather coverage and quick forecasts wherever you are at any given time. If you wish to get that perfect sunset shot on the beach or sunrise on a valley, this app will give you accurate predictions of sunsets and sunrises. Yahoo! Weather also gives you the ability to track weather patterns of up to 20 cities at a time

7. Hotel Tonight

Sometimes we may get into a bind and have the need of a hotel room in a pinch. For such last minute deals, Hotel Tonight gives you the flexibility to even book for the night all the way until 2am. If you have decided to extend your current vacation trip or planning on a last minute trip, this App does exactly what it sounds like its functions. The App helps you to find great deals on hotels, featuring various destinations across North America, Europe, South America and Central America.

8. Packing Pro

Packing Pro is an extensive list-maker that helps you to create checklists, including everything from foreign cash to contact solutions. It also has new features that let users filter a list either by person, bag or even both. This gives you the ability to create a list for the separate carry-on and also see what your son is planning to throw into the bigger suitcase. Additionally, the lists can be used again and so you don’t have to start again from scratch each time. If you are looking for an “Expert List Generator” that will create lists for you on the number of days, destination temperatures, foreign or domestic locale, Packing Pro is the best App out there as it also supports iCloud auto-sync that lets multiple users edit and also view this list.

9. Google Translate

Language barrier is sometimes a challenge on vacation especially on those wild places where you haven’t met the communities before. Google translate is a free App and supports over 80 different languages, supporting both speech and queries as far as you have active data connections. It also has a feature that lets you save the common phrases/words you may have to recall, making it an excellent App for travel in countries where you are not familiar with the language.

10. Desti

Desti is a free App that helps you when mapping out of a trip or when searching for the best recommendations. This App provides meaningful reviews of different destinations such as hotels and wineries with over 14,000 U.S cities and uses machine learning or artificial intelligence that pulls information usually from the pre-existing reviews. It also allows you to be incredibly helpful especially on long searches, where you can type multiple details on what you are looking for such as the hotel price, beach proximity, the number of rooms and child-friendliness and get instant results of the best matches.

When you are planning for a vacation try to utilize these travel apps to make your vacation a memorable trip. If you are planning to visit a country like Turkey, apart from utilizing the travel apps it’s better to apply for the turkey visas for a safe journey into the country.

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