Top 4 Golf Clubs for Beginners

Golf is one of the noble sports out there, with many important persons such as politicians, artists and pop stars knowing to have tried it at least once. Dozens of acres of green space, all natural surroundings, and quality people to have fun, compete and socialize with. What more could you wish for? If you are new to the world of golf, then keep in mind that having the right moves and the right coach is not everything. You also need an adequate set of clubs, which are not too heavy and which are designed to maximize your every move. Read on to find out the recommended golf clubs for beginners.

1. Callaway Men’s Strata – complete golf set with bag

If distance and forgiveness is what you are looking for, then you definitely need to check out this set. It features a 460cc forged driver, which is excellent for those long shots where most people are likely to miss. It also comes with Mallet T-Style alignment, progressive sole-width technology, and perimeter weighting, which are truly ideal for beginner golfers as it helps them to improve control and take better notice of surroundings.

These hybrids are designed for maximum forgiveness and versatility, and they also look great on the field. When you are holding one in your hand you can actually forget that it is there, since it fits perfectly into your palm. Furthermore, they have a high degree of forgiveness, so they can be used without worries even in windy conditions. This set comes complete with a lightweight bag, which features even backpack straps for maximum convenience and five different pockets that you can use for your important stuff, such as documents, pens, extra golf balls and more. The Callaway Men’s Strata (12 piece) is our prime recommendation as it is affordable and has everything that a beginner golfer needs.

2. Callaway Ultimate Golf Set – 18-piece

The Callaway Ultimate Golf Set is another great choice for beginners, featuring five additional headcovers compared to our first choice. While you may not need them from your first golf matches, it definitely helps having them around even for practice. As you get used to each club you will understand that each one has a different role, and should be used for a specific type of shot.

What we have inside ranges from a full titanium driver, which is ideal for beginning shots, up to the forgiving 5-wood clubs, which are great for a variety of terrains, and all the way to the putter which is designed to give a final blow to your opponent. The set comes with warranty when purchased as new, and it is designed to give you a great advantage in front of the others. By using this set in your matches against other beginners you are guaranteed to win almost every time.

3. Tour Edge Golf – Reaction 3

This set of clubs is excellent for whatever match you may be playing, and regardless of terrain. The set itself comes with a lifetime warranty, shielding it from any issues which may arise, and a special technology designed to help you achieve lower scores. Inside we can find a 460cc driver made of titanium, which provides great forgiveness, maximum inertia and consistent shots, an oversized 3-wood that allows even first time players to shoot the right way, and a forgiving 4-hybrid which is designed specifically for the tougher shots.

The stainless steel irons included have a sweet spot and an undercut cavity, allowing for top forgiveness. We can also notice a mallet-style putter, that delivers straight shots with maximum accuracy. Altogether with the dual strap bag and the headcovers they make for an excellent choice, especially for beginners who are just venturing into the world of golf. They are durable, so they will serve you well as you progress with your golfing career.

4. Nitro Blaster – Kid’s Golf Club (8 piece)

If you want to teach the secrets of golf to your little one, then you will also need to provide him with an adequate set of clubs. In this regard you can buy this PGA-certified set, which features nitro-flex shaft for maximum airborne effect, two wide perimeter irons, and two balanced putters. It also comes with a lightweight bag with adjustable straps, which can be carried easily even by the little ones.

When it comes to choosing a golf clubs set for beginners, it’s important to make a detailed comparison beforehand and opt for the set which you think that will bring the highest value on the long term. We wish you best of luck, and may you become just as good as Tiger Woods!


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