Top 5 Hikes in the American West!

The southwestern United States is a real dream for many of us.

It is sometimes heartbreaking, or impossible to make a choice of hikes in the great national parks, all more incredible than the others like the seven wonders of the world.

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I have selected for you some of the most beautiful excursions not to be missed and here are our Top 5 hikes to do in the American West:


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  • 4 4. FALL CANYON


A round trip to the Hermit Trail, located on the southern slope of the Grand Canyon, will have an incredible impact on you. How to keep the ice in front of this imposing wonder of nature?

This trail offers impressive views of the canyon. Start your tour at Hermits Rest , near West Rim Drive , and descend progressively and for as long as you want in the heart of the umbrella pines and junipers, into an abyss of red rock.

Hikers can even descend 1,158 meters of shale slopes and sandstone cliffs to Hermit Creek, right in the hollow of the canyon, and spend the night at the camp. For real adventurers only!


The best hiking trails are not only beautiful; they often make us live real adventures. This is the case of Angels Landing in Zion National Park.

The ascent of this huge red sandstone formation, which rises more than 454 meters in height in the heart of the Zion canyon, is a mystery for hikers who have no idea how they will reach the summit even before To have taken the start.

They start innocently enough; skirting the Virgin River from a trail near the Grotto picnic area and they climb slowly across the slopes dotted with umbrella pines and junipers. Quite quickly, the action begins with the Walgers Wiggles, a zigzag path of 21 tight laces, which resembles a spiral staircase carved into a huge block of sandstone.

The last stage is as steep as the track can be. The ravines are multiple and hikers can cling to the cliff to avoid falling on the way to the Scout Lookout. The view of the river and the canyon of Zion resembles an aerial photograph, without being taken from a plane!


Only a thin line separates the imaginary world from that of the geology of Bryce Canyon. A hike in the heart of the hundreds of fairy chimneys called ” Hoodoos ” which are found in the park and which are arranged in incredible labyrinths is a unique experience in itself. Worthy of a true fairy tale!

The Queen’s Garden and Peek-a-boo loop trail (about 10 km / 4-5 hours) is the perfect way to take a closer look at these magnificent sandstone chimneys in the colors of white, pink and orange.

The idea is to leave Sunrise Point and then descend to the Bryce amphitheater by the Queen’s Garden Trail in the land of “Hoodoos”. Then you have to take the Peek-a-boo Loop trail and come back through the Navajo Loop, which ends near the imposing Wall Street sandstone arrows.

This hike is difficult level and it can even be done on full moon evenings but be careful, no flashlight is allowed!


Death Valley in California is a park mainly made up of canyons, cracks, crevices and corridors penetrating the mountains that frame the valley.

The hike not to be missed in this park is certainly that of the Fall Canyon. The starting point is from Titus Canyon and it is necessary to continue for almost 5 kilometers until a dry basin, surrounded by twisted streaks of metamorphosed marble, to arrive at a dried waterfall. Then we continue on about 5 kilometers through a narrow slot.

The Mosaic Canyon near Stovepipe Wells takes you through polished marble walls and ends about 3 kilometers away at a dried waterfall.

The Golden Canyon is probably the most popular. An interpretation trail leads through the canyon, approximately 1.6 kilometers long. Its walls show the inclined and twisted layers of the rock, representing well the action of the faults in the valley. You can also see deposits of “Mudstone” (rock made of mud or clay) and undulations that indicate that there was an ancient lake there. At the head of the canyon are the Red Cathedral’s steep, rusty cliffs.


Located in northwestern Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park seems to possess all the natural wonders that one can find on earth, including an impressive canyon.

With a length of about 32 km and a depth of 1 km, this “V” shaped canyon is both a thermal zone and a river canyon. It was once covered by lava flows of Rhyolite and some of its geysers and hot springs are still visible here.

An unusual route leads to the bottom of the canyon at Lower Falls. The Uncle Tom’s Trail hike was made in 1898 to become a tourist attraction and “Uncle” Tom Richardson built stairs and rope ladders to bring tourists to the base of the waterfall.

The track has since improved a lot but it still remains very intense today because it is in the form of very tight laces and one must take there more than 300 metallic stairs descending more than 500 feet to reach the foot of a waterfall Roaring 94 meters high.

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