Top 6 Sports Games That Make You Professional Player for Tournament

If you play sports games, then you probably dream of becoming a professional player who can compete in a tournament. The only problem is that you may not be too good at the game right now to stand a chance at winning in a tournament. That is okay because you can always practice at the sport in order to get better at it. The way to get good is knowing which games are the best to play for that sport. These need to be games which improve your skills in the sport so that you will stand a better chance against the professional players who will be competing against you in a tournament.

Therefore, if you want to get better a darts, then you need to know the right dart board games to play which will enhance your skills. Below are the top 6 games that can help make you a professional player for a tournament.

1) 80 Plus

Being a professional player in darts is all about scoring the most points as fast as you can. The best way to practice this is with a game called 80 Plus. This is where you aim to score 80 points or more with just 3 dart throws in 1 turn. For a professional player, this really wouldn’t be much of a challenge. However, after you score the first 80 points, you get a second turn where you try for 90 points. If you are successful with that, then you go for 100 points and so on.

2) Bullseye 500

Any darts player that can continually hit the bullseye is certainly a professional player. If you want to build your skill level up in darts, then play the Bullseye 500 game. The objective of this game is to keep scoring points by hitting the bullseye area until you reach 500 points. You can hit the outer bullseye for 25 points and the inner bullseye for 50 points. If you hit anywhere else on the dart board, then it doesn’t count for any points. This will be a hard game to finish but if you can do it, you will be able to call yourself a professional.

3) 121 in 6

This is like 80 Plus, except the objective is to score 121 points within 6 dart throws. If you reach the number within 3 throws, you move up to 122 points and then try for that. You can do this until you get all the way up to 170 points if you want to. Once again, the objective here is to just practice scoring the points quickly. If you’re still new at darts and you want comfortable dartboards for practicing on, check out the darts blog website called Peak Picker to find a good board for yourself.

4) Triples Only

If you can learn to hit the triple value areas of the numbered segments on demand, then you will master the game of darts. In some cases, you can score more points hitting a triple value than you can hitting the inner bullseye. That is why it is important for you to develop the skill of hitting the triple value instead of always focusing on the bullseye.

5) Doubles Only

Doubles are not as popular as triples but they’re better than singles. A doubles only game will train you to only throw darts at the double value areas of the numbered segments. If you were playing a game like 501 or 301 which requires you to score points until you reach 0, it may come in handy to hit double value areas, so you can reach 0 faster than your opponent.

6) Singles Only

For all the reasons mentioned in game # 5 above, a singles only game will train you to hit the singles value area of the numbered segments on demand. Let’s say you’re playing a 501 game and you only have 1 point left to score before you reach 0, you will need to be able to hit the single value of 1 or else you won’t win any other way. So, even though singles might not be the most popular area to hit, it does come in handy to know how to hit them when you want to hit them.

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