Travel Jobs Around the World

Are you in search of the new opportunities or just want to change your job to something you like doing? Traveling is one of the best things that can leave people speechless, but only a few dare to live the life full of adventures.

Someone has told me that it is better to see something once than to hear about it thousand times, thus what can be more exciting than to get paid to travel around the world and combine business with pleasure? Today we will speak of the international jobs that require traveling a lot:

Travel Jobs Around the World

English teacher or freelance writer

English is an international language that many people try to learn themselves unsuccessfully, that is why they search for someone, who can assist them. For this type of travelers careers you must have a degree in Linguistics or at least have an adequate level of English, then you can start earning money and get paid to travel by teaching others. Of course, if you do not like working with people, you can always have other options: working as a freelancer, doing proof essay writing, translating or working on other projects on different freelance platforms like Upwork, etc.English teacher or freelance writer


Do you fancy taking photos since your school years? But have you ever thought that your hobby could be paid? If not, then it is a high time to study it from another perspective. Of course, good photographers must be talented, but skills also matter, thus you have to look through the best offers many photo schools have and go for it. The profession of a photographer is among the best jobs in the world, because what can be superior then capturing the happiest moments of the other people?

Tour guide

If you are an easy-going person, who gets along with other people very quickly and easily, then a tour guide is a perfect option for you. You will have to deal with travelers all the time in any country you want. Popular resorts are places, where experienced guides are always needed, but do not forget that such careers require an intermediate level of your knowledge of any foreign language, awareness of the culture of a certain place together with perfect communication skills. We are not speaking now of how excited you will be with an opportunity to travel, pay all your bills and meet new people by working in the travel and tourism niche.

Flight attendant

If metal birds called planes and blue skies really enchant you, then a flight attendant is amid travel jobs that you will really like. It is a very demanding job, but it has a good bonus in the form of international travel opportunities all year round together with remarkable impressions you get each time you visit new tourism destination.


This international experience won’t be on the list of the jobs that pay you a lot of money, frankly, it could be absolutely free, but fond memories and new links are guaranteed, indeed. Volunteering means bringing joy and happiness to those who need it, a vocation, which does not depend on gender, age or education. That is why, if you feel the strength and desire to carry goodness and receive pleasure from it, you must try it.

IT specialist

The last, but not least position you may consider if you are in search of adventures is connected with traveling IT jobs; here you can choose whatever field you like: you may try yourself as a front or back-end developer, web designer, project manager or QA, everything depends on your skills and preferences. IT now is a very popular and well-paid niche, many postgraduates and youth are willing to get into it because it gives you an opportunity to work from whatever place you want; it may be a sunny beach of Thailand or cozy apartment in Manhattan.

Being able to travel while earning money is something many people are looking for when searching for their dream job on the internet. Of course, the above mentioned jobs are not for those, who are not likely to step out from their comfort zone and leave their comfy chairs, thus you have to weigh all the pros and cons before starting your journey because a journey of thousand miles begins just with one step.

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