How to Travel With Your Ukulele

What is travel to you? Think of life as one big adventure. A big adventure into the unknown. Losing yourself to find yourself, perusing what you love, and searching around the world for more. Turning your experiences into art that you can share with the world.

The journey is not always known, but when you forget about your expectations, let your guard down and surrender yourself to the wonder and mystery of life. The listening of music can be wonderful meditation, practicing music even more so. Music combined with travel is the best therapy a person could ever receive..

But traveling with a musical instrument is not as easy and relaxing as it sounds. Even traveling with a small string instrument like the ukulele can give you a hard time. Somehow you will have to find out a way how not to damage your
priceless ukulele.

If you cannot figure out what kind of a ukulele would fit your best, I recommend you visiting for more information. Keep in mind that before shopping for ukulele, some of the displayed ones can be just instrumental toys which are not professional. Look for an  instrument with intonation.

So, what to look for when you are buying a ukulele? If you are a beginner in the music world, the first thing you need to know is: make sure that the tuning paces do not move or slide around  when you tune it. Another thing is while playing cords higher up are still in tune. If you are an intermediate look for a ukulele made of good quality wood.

You can look for an ukulele with some cut always because it makes playing the instrument much easier. If you are planning of performing make sure you have a pick up for a better sound. All of the things mentioned are all available on This site is really helpful and offers different varieties of instruments and all sorts of equipment. So visiting this site can be really helpful for all of the musicians who are in search of a perfect place to find their ideal instrument.

How to avoid a horror story while traveling with your ukulele:

Sometimes traveling can be full of surprises and make sure to never let your ukulele without protection, unless you want an unpleasant surprise, here are some helpful tips:

1)  It’s always a good idea to keep your ukulele inside a hard-shell case. The last thing you want to do is trip over it and brake it in half or just damage it during the flight\bus ride. Try investing in
cases because this is the most important thing you can do while traveling.

  • Keep you ukulele out of direct sunlight
  • Keeps unwanted dust and dirt of the instrument.


2) Clean you ukulele after every use. If you have oily skin or have just eaten. Make sure you carry a clean and soft cloth. Wiping the neck first, starting with the strings and as for the
face of the ukulele if may come handy if you carry a quick clean spray.

3) Heat and cold can cause extreme damages to your instrument, in particular, the neck.

4) If you travel with an airline the agency, do your homework:

  • Never gate check in your ukulele, unless you have to.
  • Never slack your strings when you are flying. The reason why people like to slack their strings is because it keeps control of the saddle. But when you are up in to the air, the strings bring stress to the saddle, sometimes a saddle can pop off. Do not slack your strings, unless you have to check in your ukulele because the baggage area is not pressurized
  • Find out which plane you’re flying on so you can see what accommodations are available.
  • If you search the model number of the plane, it will tell you what the size of the bins are. If your
    ukulele fits in the overhead bin and you get on the plane early enough to where is space in the overhead bin to put your ukulele, your right can not be denied.