Types of Online Pharmacies


What actually are the Online Pharmacies?

            As the name suggests, online pharmacies are solely based over the Internet as they are referred to as retail pharmacies which are operating over the Internet. Due to increased trend of online shopping, today the concept of pharmacy has also exceeded its bounds to the web world that is really beneficial both for vendors and customer’s side. The companies have their own dynamic websites that portray the complete business online and help the companies to deal with the whole business onlinecustomer’s place their orders online and the orders are shipped by delivery at their door steps. In the initial start-up, these online pharmacies were few and also had specific targeted audiences like sportspersons or the elderly people. The trend mainly raised as an online service provider for smart drugs and other multi-vitamins for athletes and aged group of people. It gained popularity with time and people started facilitating from the door step delivery services in their homes. However, over the time period of last decade, there is a huge increase in online pharmacies where the growth of these websites has been reported as exponentially and the business has progressed by leaps and bounds. Not only restricted to the pharmacy domain other business have also grown with increased online shopping reliability and trends.

Types of Online Pharmacies

            Individuals might consider pharmacies to be of one type only but the reality is different because these online pharmacies are divided into two major types or categories which include:

  • Domestic Pharmacies
  • Overseas Pharmacies

Domestic Online Pharmacies

            These pharmacies are based on mail-order drugstores which are ascribed to the very same country and are also registered to the same country as the person who is ordering. The prices and product range is also based on the availability of the drugs in the conventional community pharmacy and other drug chains. So the entire working chain of a domestic pharmacy surrounds with the native dealings and rules that govern them.


However, there are also some significant benefits associated with these types of pharmacies which include:

  • They have fast delivery process because orders are placed within the same country. So delivering the orders at door step is just a few hours game in such pharmacies systems.
  • Uniform brand naming is associated with these pharmacies. The naming conventions are followed as per the native guidelines and are well understood by people of same community.
  • The customers have ease of purchasing the controlled substances. They can easily check their placed orders and can have a complete satisfaction of pharma products they are ordering.
  • The cost of shipping is also much lower compared to international shipping. As in international shipping these are charges that are a consideration of worry even at times they cost more than the product price. While in that of native deliveries these local charge are of much lesser extent and customers can have a complete hassle free delivery to their doorsteps.
  • Shipment is free from any custom clearance issues or any other related issues. So the ease of home delivery for desired products is a real plate served deal for the customers.
  • The customers are also given an option to pick from the actual chain of that pharmacy as well. So the choice as per convenience is the great deal offered to the customers in order to well deal with all proceeding steps of online pharmacy deliveries.

Overseas Online Pharmacies

            This online pharmacy type is based on countries which are other than the country of the purpose that is making an order. The shipment is carried out internationally. So these pharmacies are actually based internationally and they deal with international shipping’s all over the world. Due to this facility people from one corner of the world can order stuff from other side of the world. These pharmaciesprovide shipments internationally depending on the mode adopted by the users.


  • The most surprising part is that shipping internationally costs lower than the domestic pharmacies.
  • This can be understood from the example of Canadian government that has set on the Patented Medicine Price Review Board that has imposed strict state controlled prices over the OTC and prescribed medications.
  • For that purpose, the cost also cannot go beyond the specific limit set.

There is also a similar policy being initialed by the Australian Pharmacies. This benefits the idea that evens the most costly and new medication can never exceed the international median price limit. Thus, the summary of benefits includes:

  • The prices are down to 90%.
  • Cost is leveled to the most breakthrough and recent medications.
  • There are special shipping offers as well for overseas customers.
  • There are many discount coupons and shipping insurance provided at the services like meds4sure.

This concludes the idea that international pharmacies form a better option compared to domestic pharmacies for individuals who want to order medicines online through the use of online pharmacies. It can really facilitate the cause of online medicines hopping globally and people from all over the world can take its advantage. So taking this edge of online global shopping everyone can now facilitate with immediate moderate and slow delivery methods as per on budget scales. Either you are an aged person who want international multi-vitamins for good health, a pregnant women to have maternity pills, teenage to have a perfect growth supplement, an athlete or professional to have imported smart drug pills, or an infant who want a specific formula milk, Online pharmacy trends have this all nicely summarized to your online gadget screens from where you can order anything anytime. Just go to a particular website of the company, browse your desired item from the list and add to your cart. Now all you need to give is the specific address for delivery details and choose a shipment method that perfectly fits your budget. So, just order it and have it delivered to your door step.

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