Unlimited Hugs on this Very Special & Happy Hug Day

The Valentines week brings to us the most romantic day and that is “The Hugs Day”. When is the Hug Day? This day is celebrated two days before the Valentine’s Day, i.e. on 12th Feb. This day is an epitome of emotions and feelings defined in an intricate yet descriptive way by all the couples in a relationship all over the world. Enjoy the Happy Rose Day.

A Hug represents the closeness two people possess, signifying what they mean to each other. The sensation of touch, the contact between two lovers is all what a hug defines. It discerns the love for two people as a couple, enhancing their prurience to be together. Every year, with the materialistic gifts in the initial days of Valentines week, this day is the one where you don’t need to spend money to woo your partner. The poignancy in the hug is evident by the way they hug. It might be as warm as the love of a mother, as mild as the one in any formal relation or as intriguing as the couples deeply in love.

People don’t need to spend so much money or plan a classic evening for their partner; other days of the Valentines week usually demand so much that this day seems to be a relief from all the celebrations one needs to plan in order to make the day a perfect one. Apart from the celebrations of the Hug day, a new craze amongst the youngsters is the message mania, which can’t be denied.

Whether it’s the Facebook wall or the WhatsApp chats, Hug day messages and Hug day trolls are all over the social media. People search for prolific Hug day messages to exchange amongst each other. The ones serious in their relationship, even write lengthy and passionate Hug day texts with erudite vocabulary as to signify the love they have for their partners, making the Happy Hug day all more romantic. Propose on Happy Propose Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, each day is romantic and lovey-dovey, with gossamer wings in case of all the girls and audacious attitudes of the boys. They don’t miss a chance to profess their love to each other, some may be a perfect hitch while others have to try again next year. That’s how the day is celebrated and keeps significance in the lives of all the people in love, be it the teenagers who see it as a new craze as they enter into this phase or the youngsters who have serious relationship goals to set and follow the ones they admire or the ones married for quite some time who still want to be lively in their relationship or the ones who have been married for a long time now and want their partners to realize their importance in each other’s life.11 February :: A Happy Day to Remember your Promise

So guys, don’t wait. Stand and grab the chance to shower your love on your loved ones and give them a cute hug to make the most of the sweetest day of the Valentine’s week: the Happy Hug’s Day

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