Valentines Week Datesheet to Celebrate these 8 Days of Valentines

Are you waiting for the Valentine Week and Valentine Day eagerly to express your feelings to your love??? You are now in a Valentine Week and now you can express your feelings to your Love and Crush. If you feel you are in Love then must see these Symptoms of Love before. get Ready for the Date Sheet of Valentines Day.

Here is the List of the Valentines Day and the Date Sheet of the Love Days of February

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  • Here is the List of the Valentines Day and the Date Sheet of the Love Days of February
    • 7 February – Rose Day
    • 8 February – Propose Day
    • 9 February – Chocolate Day
    • 10 February – Teddy Day
    • 11 February – Promise Day
    • 12 February – Hug Day
    • 13 February – Kiss Day
    • 14 February – VALENTINES DAY

Valentines Week Date Sheet and Detail

We are here with the full fledge date sheet of the Valentine week. Proceed accordingly and make your crush your partner, your love and your crush feel your emotions and love  and let the fragrance of your love to spread in the air and flourish. Here is the description and significance of the Valentine Weeks. Go through these and we wish you a long lasting relationship and before that you need to solve this LOVE EQUATION.

7 February – Rose Day

Rose Day

7 February is celebrated as the Happy Rose Day Worldwide and Roses are presented to other persons according to the relationship between them. The color of the rose to be presented depends on the relationship between them. Red Rose is the indication of Love and when it is presented to someone, it represents love for that person. Yellow Rose is presented to show the deep Friendship between them. White Rose is representation of the Peace and presented to maintain peace in the relationship. Black Rose is presented to enemies. Choose your own Rose to present to your Love, Friend, Enemy.

8 February – Propose Day

Propose Day

8 February is celebrated as the Propose Day according to Valentines week Datesheet. and on this day people carry their proposal of Love to their loved one and share their feelings to them. It is believed that the color of the dress on this day is meant to describe their relationship statuses. Like red colored dress shows that the person is already committed. Blue color shows that person is single and he is in a wait of a proposal. Black colored dress represents that the person is not interested to be in a relationship.

9 February – Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day

Here comes the chocolate day. 9th February is Happy Chocolate Day in Valentines Date sheet in which Chocolates are distributed among the lovers so that the sweetness of their love is maintained throughout the life. It’s a symbol of a healthy and sweet relationship. Scientifically Chocolates releases a chemical named anadamide which soothes our mind and releases tensions and also in relationships chocolates releases tensions and stress both psychologically and scientifically.

10 February – Teddy Day

Teddy Day

Teddy is a person’s best friend in his/her bedroom if he/she is not with his partner and it is also our secret sharer. Thus 10th of February is celebrated as Teddy day and lovers presents Teddy Bear to their partners so that they should not feel alone when they are not close to each other. The softness of teddy in the bedroom reminds them of the soft moments they have spent together.

11 February – Promise Day

Promise Day

This saying is very true in a relationship that “A Promise kept make everything but a Promise broken leaves nothing”. Not only in relationship but everywhere as once you lost trust over someone then you can’t rely on them again. 11th of February is celebrate as Promise Day to keep the promises till the last breath.  Promises are the bonding glues which makes a bond between two persons forever. These promises are not only between lovers but can be between friends, parents, brothers, sisters and cousins and enemies too.

12 February – Hug Day

Hug Day

Hugs are the symbol of warmth and long lasting relationships. Hugs are meant to make a person feel physically, mentally and psychologically better and it is evident and proved from many researches that couples who hug each other frequently remains more joyful and happy. 6th day of valentine week that is 12th of February is celebrated as the Hugs in which hugs are exchanged so as to make your friends and loved ones happy and make them feel that you care for them. Distribute as many hugs as you can to spread the feeling of oneness among your friends and relatives.

13 February – Kiss Day

Kiss Day

Kissing is linked to eroticism but if love is best part of life then kiss is the best part of love. There is a joke in the context of kissing that kissing is nothing but a technique to whisper into mouth which is quite evident as when we whisper in ear the other person respond and when we kiss then also other partner respond and their feelings are exchanged. It is said by some scholar that “Kiss is a beautiful and most adorable part of love life and it is a symbol of togetherness” and 12th of February is celebrated as Kiss Day and I don’t need to say anything apart in context of this beautiful day. Enjoy and feel the togetherness.

14 February – VALENTINES DAY

Valentines Day

The wait has ended and now we are in the Valentine Day. There are many stories regarding this day and one of them is about a saint named Valentine in Europe who has fought for the legalization of live in relationship and he was sentenced to death for this on 14th of February. Thus this day was regarded as the day for the love birds and lovers started celebrating this day in the memory of Saint Valentine. There is no legal holiday in most of the countries and all the institutions work normally but on this very day every teen and lover has something in their heart to say to their loved one and they can’t get better day than this to

Love is that emotion that can never be hidden and you don’t even realize when you fall in love with someone. The thing comes before us is that how to express our feelings and emotions to the one we love. Though every day is special for lovers to express their feelings and emotions but the days of this week has something magical in it that force our inner powers to stand before our crush or love and to express everything we feel about them and thus these days of this are considered as the magical Love days and Valentine week days. We hope that you will get your love and you will be able to show your love and emotions to the one you love.

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