Where to go for Short Film Festivals?

Real fans of short film festivals will always find an opportunity to visit a festival for self-development, entertainment, new contacts, and information. Even if you are a student and have no money for expensive tickets, there is always a chance to shift study to customwriting.com write-my-essay and come to any of the following Fests as a volunteer. The events can last the whole days and nights of which there are hundreds of short movies from all over the world represented. Which festivals gather the best collection? Which of them are the must and which can be skipped? How to distinguish the art of a short movie from a simple 40-minute video? There are more than fifty events of various genres short films, but only four best short film festivals are the must for every fan.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Sundance Film Festival in the USA
  • 2 Festival de Cannes
  • 3 Palm Spring International Film Society
  • 4 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival in the USA

This is the leader in a short film festivals list. It takes place every January in the Park City of Utah. There are not only fresh American filmmakers but also applications from all over the world. Sundance Film gathers various genres dramatic as well as experimental, documentary, world premieres from established filmmakers, and other. Tickets to the festival are not cheap. The price varies from 300 to 3.500 USD depending on what type of event you would like to attend. Sundance event is an important event in the life of not only short movies, but also in theater surroundings. ArtHouse project exits from 2005 and supports independent cinema around the US. At the moment there are seventeen different art house theater troops from various states including New York. The Grand Jury prize in 2017 was awarded to Macon Blair for the movie called “I don’t feel at home in this world anymore.”

Festival de Cannes

Every movie fan and not only have heard about the world known annual festival in Cannes. Not everyone knows that traditional aim of the event is to celebrate the development of cinema, boost the art of film all over the globe and share an international environment. There is an official selection which includes movies of various genres including art house which attracts a wide range of audience, documentary, historical, and other. Films are submitted by schools worldwide. However, there are two sections: short film contest and non-competitive event. The non-competitive section contains Cannes Classic with restored copies of important historical works. Every time the festival represents around 1.5 thousand screenings to more than ten thousand visitors. Adding dynamism to the global movie industry is another goal of the world-known event. The last one took place on 17-28 Mai 2017 on seven stages.

Palm Spring International Film Society

The US society represents a ShortFest which has no analogs. The uniqueness of the fest is provided by the existence of a unique market which promotes the business of short movies. The positive thing about the market is that participants are not obligated to be members of Palm Spring International Society to promote the piece of art. The market has a library which consists of more than four thousands works. Upcoming short film competitions will take place on June 2018. Last year the festival represented various impressive movies which every visitor can watch online. The website of the event represents the collection of works globe wide and times which can also be reached online.

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

The next French ‘must visit’ place of the list takes place from February 3rd to 10th 2018 and still accept applications. It is one of the traditional and old events which took place already 39 times together with 32 markets. The program of the anniversary 40th event is already represented on the official website. Fans, journalists, and amatory can find useful and entertaining podcasts together with master classes and forums from various french channels including Canal+ and Arte. For those visitors who have no possibility to buy a ticket, there is a live stream of almost everything that is going on the Clermont-Ferrand.

This combination of a French and American representation of film art is the best option for those, who appreciate short film production, business, art, and spreading. By educating themselves on all of them, fans are fulfilled with a dose of not only inspiration and information but also can become a part of one of the Fests by creating a personal masterpiece. This society consists of the most creative, educated, smart, productive and motivated international people from all continents. Being part of them means that you have already achieved something in life.

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