Which Rose are you offering on this Happy Rose Day?

With the advent of Valentines, the season of love and romance begins. There are numerous ways to bestow your love to your special one but the aesthetic form of love resides with the simple gestures. It could be as tiny as a rose or as grand as a bouquet. but true love is when you realize the feelings attached to it. Not just for the couples, but also for the singles who are ready to mingle or the ones waiting to mingle, this season keeps an unusual place. For couples, each day is special but the ones who are just in the initial stages of their love tracks are seen asking when is the Rose Day ? because it is the safest and the innocuous day, as far as the proposals are concerned.

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When is the Rose Day? When Happy Rose Day is celebrated?

Happy Rose Day

The first of the days of the Valentine’s Week ought to be a special, marking the beginning of the love and affection one can show to his loved one. It is normally said: “Each day is special if you are with your special one, but to celebrate the love, you definitely need an occasion.” And that is when our Valentine’s comes into the picture. Valentine’s week is celebrated with pomp and joy.

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The deliberate break-up and then make-up is so common amongst all the couples because this is the time when you get to seek attention more than on the usual days.  Also, if you are looking for a chance to confess your love to someone or you are not audacious enough to propose the one, you can start with the Rose day. 7th Feb is the official Happy Rose day, celebrated worldwide. The day is marked with innumerable happy rose day wishes and quotes all over the social media. Rose day quotes are posted all over the Facebook and Instagram walls. Not just the genuine happy rose day wishes, but uncountable memes are what we witness for the first day of Valentines.

Afer Rose Day there falls Happy Propose Day

Happy Rose Day

The significance of this day is in the name itself. Couples exchange roses with each other to celebrate the special bond they possess. The tricky part lies in the color of the rose they present. The red is no doubt the color of love and romance a lover feels for his beloved. Whereas the ones who have not qualified the relationship tests and are still in the friend zones can offer a yellow rose to the other one.

After Propose Day there is Chocolate Day on 9th of Feb.

This yellow rose is sometimes just another alternative for the ones who are yet to leave the friend zones. It marks the sanctity of friendship between two individuals. Now comes the white rose and it is for the ones already in a relationship or for the individuals who lie beyond these limits of romantic relationships. White signifies peace and white rose also marks the peacefulness any relation must possess. Peace is something all relationships demand and deserve. Who all are going to celebrate rose day this year?

Last but not the least comes such a rose, hardly seen, hardly heard and hardly exchanged. It is none other than the least accessible rose and that is our very disowned rose: black rose. Just as the color signifies, it is for that someone you are not very fond of and likely to be a part of your hatred list, esp your enemies. It can also mean that you can very soon be on the verge of a breakup.  That gives you a very safe option of telling them your genuine feelings, without sounding impertinent ob your part. Hope this year happy rose day will bring your love closer to you.

I dont know whether you are offering rose or not but you should offer teddy on this very Happy Teddy Day on 10 Feb to make him/her special.

Happy Rose Day 7 Feb

It is up to us, which color we choose to denote the feelings we have for different individuals around us. The other way to see this is: one can play their cards safely to begin the Valentines week and approaching to till the end, you won your side if cards played with utmost care. Enjoy Happy Rose Day.

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