World’s Best Travel Places For Couples

Probably everybody would agree that there is a certain magic atmosphere of being near the oceanside with beloved person by your side. And there are many other romantic exotic places to have those enchanting sunset strolls like the magnificent island of Bora Bora, where straw-roofed huts placed on those stilts over crystal-blue waters and the powdery white sands stretch for miles ahead.

Anyway, even the big capital cities, where many of us spend our vacations among thousands of usual passers-by, can offer some amazingly romantic retreats. Sharing a nice old French wine in a wood-paneled vintage New York City café while having a great view over Central Park, for example, or walking through the snow-covered narrow streets of St. Petersburg, and past the imperial Russian Winter Palace, has evoked thoughts in plenty of loving couples.

So, make your choice: metropolis or sleepy mountain cabin? Sunny or snowy? Desert sand or beach sand? Here’s a list of the best locations for a couple vacation, presented by Onward to romantic getaway ideas!

#1 Savannah, Georgia, USA

It is pretty evident what makes Savannah such an ideal romantic destination. Those moss canopies hanging over the sidewalks, the colonial temper cuisine, monumental palatial houses along with the ideally trimmed gardens circling the antebellum town squares.

#2 Ibiza

Ibiza may firstly seem the party location of choice for big groups, but it’s also wonderful for couples willing to have some good time in private. Of course you can spend your nights at the local clubs or rent a cozy secluded apartment or villa away from the vibrant nightlife when you just want to relax. Ibiza’s beaches are magnificent and the atmosphere is bouncy.

#3 Cape Verde

Journeys for lovers to Cape Verde offers sunny subtropical climate and dreamy soft waters calmly licking those lengthy beaches. The islands possess a fabulous nature featuring an ambiance less party-oriented than Ibiza. Cape Verde provides the couples a genuine runaway from bleak everyday life and the excellent opportunity to dive in real luxury.

#4 Havana, Cuba

A visit to Havana is a travel back in time. The classic architecture organically matches the vintage cars traversing its streets and the relaxed vibe of the Cubans. Take a walk through the colonial town squares, spend some time in a homelike coffee shop and dance to the Caribbean tunes in one of the city’s nightclubs or straight in the street.

#5 Kyoto, Japan

Experience a calm tranquility permeating Kyoto, a city widely known for its shrines, temples, and imperial palaces. Cherry-blossom sakura trees lining the sideways, and lordly pagodas crown the green hills. Walk into paradise in one of the city’s gardens featuring ancient Zen temples. Appreciate traditional Japanese generosity and hospital lavish amenities at Tawaraya, one of the city’s most refined hotels.

#6 Napa Valley, California, USA

The wine-lovers arrive here for the rolling hills of vineyards and endless flowing Cabernet, dining at the world-class restaurants, trying out the top-notch accommodations and, of course, the exceptionally luxurious spas.

#7 Paris, France

Naturally, no list of romantic places would go without mentioning the Capital city of Love. Paris is all soaked with romance from every café on the corner and paving stone avenues. There is no destination more heart-warming and eye-pleasing than this truly French gentleman.

#8 Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington’s mysterious atmosphere floating in the air attracts many sweet couples in chase of romance. The town’s matchless attractiveness makes it the perfect ground for exploration. Travelers can wander the windy hillsides, stroll along the fancy promenades or roam the green valleys.

#9 Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada

In case if settling down on the hillside, tasting a gourmet meal and looking over the wide valley of vineyard rows and a picturesque lake doesn’t scream romantic, well, you are seeking for way different things. There your days and nights can be spent tasting fragrant wine, collecting cherries and other fruit and dining right on a mountain top. Here in “Canada’s Florida” (so called for its soft climate) is also perfect for backpack travelers, with a variety of water sports on the Osoyoos Lake and infinite hikes through the Okanagan Valley. A weekend spent here may become a first-class getaway for a fraction of what you’d probably spend somewhere in California.

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