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The most important thing when preparing a trip is both what seems simpler but what is more complex. Where do I want to go? Why do I want to go there? Who am I going to go with? These between making the trip that one wishes or simply leaving the house to do tourism anywhere. It questions are the most important ones to answer, because they will make the difference is a way of expressing what you want, what you need and also what you expect from a place.

To start answering the three questions, therefore, it is essential to focus on oneself, look inside, remember the experience you have had lately in your life, or the last trip, and decide what is best for you.

Travel Europe

Europe allows you to visit scenarios of totally different shapes and styles, enjoy extreme places and temperatures of all kinds. Cities, towns, beaches, mountain ranges, lakes and rivers, snow, etc … You can ski, surf, eat fish, ride a bike or kick in metro or train any country.

To achieve our expectations, we can follow several steps:

1.  Put in the bar of your search engine the name of the places to choose, plus the word travel, tourism, vacations, etc., and see browsing the web pages, blogs, videos and forums about these places, to know in depth if It matches what interests you. You may be interested in a city, a country or an area that covers several countries or a certain region.

2. Visit a map page like Google Maps and direct the cursor to those places that you think are most interesting for any reason (you have spoken about the place, you have seen a report, you have seen it on a website, you have always dreamed of going, etc. .) And mark “explore this place” on the menu, or check out photos and comments from other users. You can also mark routes between cities or places that interest you or look for accommodations by typing “hotel” in the search engine.

3. Look for the official tourism website of the countries, cities or towns you are considering. In the information section of this blog you will find most of the official tourism pages of Europe. The more advanced countries have better pages and more means to appear as good destinations through the Internet. Some others do not even have one. Keep that in mind.

4. From the official page you can ask via email to send you home by post (if you are in Europe) tourist brochures, maps of the area, where to sleep and eat or activities to do and places to visit. This will allow you to better appreciate the possibilities of each country. Download brochures online too if you are in America.

5. Visit a travel bookstore and browse the guides on the places that interest you most. If you have already decided you can buy the guide, and if not, you can take one from any public library or have a friend leave you. There are guides of countries, of zones and even of all Europe.

The guides allow you to have practical and independent information about the destinations. I recommend the Lonely Planet guides for independent trips in public transport (some in English only), Plane-Guide cities of Editions B, the Globetrotters (Routed, especially for France) and the Top 10 of the Aguilar Country for certain zones or Countries.

6. Get together with all the information you have with the people you are going to go on vacation with (if you go you can only meet someone who has already visited those sites) and share the pros and cons of each destination.

7. Many of the issues that can come up in the discussion should be examined in subsequent steps such as the time available, the way of travel, the routes, the budgeted money, etc., so it would be better to focus now on discarding those destinations that We did not crave or already visited, or did not seem interesting for various reasons. Later, maybe, we can add some more, but please prioritize now before you start organizing!!

8. Simply mark a budgetcap you can spend and discard the dates when you are unable to travel. Do not look for flights or accommodations or routes until you choose your dates, whether fixed or flexible.

9. When different destinations have already been discarded we should stay with one or two travel proposals, with which we must start the second phase of the preparation of the trip.


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